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  • 🍟 AI Snacks - Netflix of AI allows you to create your own TV shows

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  • 🤖 Baking with Bots - Block Meta from using your photos to train AI

  • 🛠️ 3 Taste Test Tools 

  • 🎭 Memes of the week - ChatGPT blackout caused domino effect

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🍿AI Snacks

🍤 ChatGPT outage caused panic & AI blackout across Claude + Perplexity

🍘 Elon Musk shifted Nvidia AI chips to X and xAI over Tesla’s AI project

🍬 Showrunner (Netflix of AI) lets users create their own TV shows

🍩 Mistral AI unveiled Codestral, AI model built for developers & programmers

🍤 OpenAI Whistleblowers say protection over AI safety isn’t enough

🥨 Gemini App has now launched in the UK, the EU, & other regions

🧇 Asana “AI team mate” tells your team what to do & tasks to complete

🌮 Apple + OpenAI partnership - users choice to opt-in but is it enough to uphold privacy given OpenAI’s recent safety concerns?

New Perplexity Pages - All In One Tool

Perplexity AI, one of the best AI for research and honestly my go-to Google alternative just launched “Perplexity Pages”. This is very exciting - I suspect many will be using this to generate blog content as an all in one tool!

Here’s the jist:

  • Convert research into beautiful blogs, reports & guides

  • Adjust tone to suit your audience (general readers to experts)

  • Customize & edit sections easily

Think of it like an all in one tool that will:

  1. Research + curate relevant content (like you would in Google)

  2. Generate well structured formatted article

  3. Edit & customise content sections

  4. Publish & share online

Here are more examples:

These honestly look so professional, well researched coupled with the ease of use (based on the demo).

Can you access this now? Only if you’re in the paid plan & only to select users (obviously higher chance if you’re a paid user!).

Will you be using Perplexity AI for their new Page feature?

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Game Over for Voice Actors + Singers?

The latest demo of ChatGPT shows its impressive ability to quickly adapt its tone of voice to match the characteristics and personality of a specific character - even suggesting to the user what type of voice it should have!


Tutorial: Give Copilot Eyes

Similar to ChatGPT on Mac, you can now effortlessly attach screenshots in Microsoft’s Copilot using a simple keyboard shortcut.

Just press Alt + Shift + S to select the area and click "Send to Copilot".

Here’s how to activate Copilot Vision

  1. Download Microsoft Edge Dev

  2. Go to Edge Settings by clicking the 3 dots

  3. Search for Copilot

  4. Toggle on “Copilot Vision“

This feature is only available depending on your Microsoft Edge version.

How to stop Meta using my photos for its AI

Recent updates reveal that Meta uses your posts and photos to train its AI models. Here’s how you can opt-out to take control and protect your data.

For Users in the EU and UK:

  1. Go to the Settings page on the Instagram or Facebook app

  2. Go to About > Privacy Policy

  3. There'll be a new box with information that has the Right to object

For Users in the US:

  1. Visit the ‘AI at Meta Data Subject Rights’ page

  2. Select the appropriate option, and provide evidence such as screenshots of your data being used.

Note: The availability of these privacy settings may vary by region. 


  1. Legalpad.AI - Draft and customize legal documents with ease

  2. Kittl - Create, edit, & modify stunning graphics like pro designer

  3. - The AI search engine that truly knows what you mean


🎭 Memes of the week

ChatGPT’s June 4 outage drove led to a domino AI black out effect… 🫠


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