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Private ChatGPT for Business

Microsoft introduced Azure ChatGPT - think private version of ChatGPT 

Why this is a big deal:

  • Many companies are worried about staff using AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Bing, Bard as their AI is being trained on inputs of users + public data

  • High risk of confidential data leaks

  • Companies are looking at ways to build AI inhouse to keep data secure

Key Benefits of Azure ChatGPT:

  • Confidentiality - Data on servers are completely isolated from public

  • Customized - Integration with their own existing systems & applications

  • Dependable, controlled and scalable systems

  • Branding: Removal of “OpenAI” for personalised customer experience

What does this mean?

Enterprises can leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT in house without worrying about confidential information leaks or data privacy. This means using AI with their own internal data sources or integrating with internal services through plugins to increase productivity & efficiency.

If you do B2B sales or want to build your personal brand, there’s no better place than LinkedIn (world’s #1 business platform with 850M+ users). Plus, you don't need a 100K+ audience to make a splash.

Taplio is the leading AI tool for effortless LinkedIn growth to help you:

  • Create high-performing content 10x faster (4M+ library posts)

  • 1 Click Scheduling

  • Boost your posts performance with automation (Auto-plug)

  • Auto-DM & customised DM in bulk

  • Build strong relationships - Import people into lists based on past interactions or Sales Navigator searches

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🍿AI Snacks

🍭 Anthropic gets $100 Million Investment from South Korea Telecom

🍩 OpenAI may go Bankrupt by 2024

🍟AI skilled jobs in demand with listed positions ranging from $300k-$900k

🍰 Amazon’s new AI review summary helps speed up purchasing decisions

🍧 Hottest commodity now is not ChatGPT, it’s the $40k NVIDIA chip that powers AI models like ChatGPT

🧋Google Chrome (mobile) will soon summarize articles for you. Signup here


Prompt to Try

24/7 Personalised Tutor For Your Kids

If doing homework with your kids makes you feel like ripping your hair out each week, you definitely need to get ChatGPT to be their personalized tutor! Why?

Because ChatGPT seems to have unlimited patience! 😂

Now this is great because:

  • Your child can give ChatGPT their answer

  • ChatGPT can give feedback and ask follow up questions to guide them to the right answer without actually telling them the answer. Even as a parent (after lots of frustration) you may feel like just giving them the answer! But trust me ChatGPT is awesome at keeping it cool 🙂 

  • You can use GPT3.5 (free version) so anyone can do this!

Write a story about [Topic] and incorporate important lessons. Writing style should be like [Favourite author]. Make sure it is suitable for a [Age of Your Child] year old to read by themselves.
Act as the [Age of Your Child] year old's tutor. 
Going forward, when an answer is provided, check the answer. If it is not correct or missing information, ask follow up questions to lead them to the answer without actually telling them the answer.

Create 1 comprehension question about the story above.
Their answer is: [Type in your kid's answer]

So the idea is that ChatGPT will give you feedback and your child can keep refining the answer until they get it right. It took abit of back and forth but it was a pretty constructive exercise, give it a try!


  1. Relay - Automation with a human touch

  2. Closers Copy - streamlines content creation with its AI-powered writing assistant, making it easy for users to write persuasive copy

  3. Frase - Using AI to automatically research SEO and generate topic ideas based on keywords


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