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  • Your private ChatGPT chats were just 1 click away

Your private ChatGPT chats were just 1 click away

AI Automation Course - Early Access

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  • 🍟 AI Snacks -Your private ChatGPT chats were just 1 click away

  • 🧑‍🍳 Freshly Baked AI Updates - Runway’s new Gen 3 Alpha for $15

  • 🤖 Baking with Bots - Clean up your audio for free

  • 🛠️ 3 Taste Test Tools 

  • 🎭 Memes of the week

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🍿AI Snacks

🍩 ChatGPT was storing your chats in plain text - a worrying security issue

🍭 Meta unveils “3D Gen” that renders high-quality 3D geometry & textures

🍕 Morgan Freeman voiced concerns over AI using his voice for narration

🍟 Groq AI, developer of the fastest AI chip, set to raise $300M

🍤 Meta’s AI drew criticism for marking real images as AI-generated

🍫 Wired and Forbes calling out Perplexity of plagiarism

🌮 Reddit user accidentally got ChatGPT to share its secret instructions

🍔 Suno, AI song-generator tool is now available on iOS

🧇 Apple joins OpenAI’s board of directors but as an observer role

🍨 Perplexity just supercharged your research with Pro Search

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A highly sought after skill in the world of AI & Automation. This is exactly what we’re teaching inside our AI Automation Course (using Zapier) from beginner to advanced - Learn how to implement this in your business or your clients.

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Explore Text-to-Video now for only $15

Last Monday, Runway’s Gen-3 Alpha launched for $15. It creates high-quality videos from text, images or video prompts, ideal for filmmakers & content creators.

To get started with Gen-3 Alpha:

  1. Create a Runway account and choose a plan

  2. Go to the text or image-to-video tool and select Gen-3 Alpha

  3. Enter a text prompt and click ‘Generate’.
    Wait about 60 seconds for a 5-second video or 90 seconds for a 10-second video.

  4. Adjust your prompts as needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Get inspired by the creator community. Check out these outputs.


Tutorial: Clean up your audio for Free

  1. Go to ElevenLabs latest Voice Isolator

  2. Upload or record your audio file

  3. Click Isolate Voice and wait for it to finish


  1. You.com - Enable web access for Claude 3.5 Sonnet

  2. Fina Money - Modern money management tool powered by AI

  3. Pocdora - Design custom 3D mockup packaging quickly


🎭 Memes of the week

People had a blast using the video generator tool to meme-ify popular videos


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