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OpenAI’s NEW GPT-4o - FREE for All

Incase you missed it, this week OpenAI released GPT-4o (just 1 day before Google’s planned keynote). They sure know how to capture our attention!

But not nearly as much attention as GPT-4o itself which shocked us!

Did we also mention, how “flirty” it sounds? Here we go AI Girlfriends 🙂 

Here are the key takeaways:

  • The new GPT-4o will be FREE for all users

  • Most realistic, natural & human conversations- like Sam in “Her” movie

  • Response times are significantly faster - no awkward 3 sec wait times

  • Can reason across audio, vision & text in real time

Here are some cool use cases:

  • AI tutor - that can guide your child through math problems without actually telling them the answer. It’s personalised & live

More GPT-4o capabilities in the ChatGPT:

GPT-4o will be made available to everyone for Free (rolling out in coming weeks). You may already have access to it (see below).

Note: this is the newer model for text & image generati. What we saw in the demo was the new audio and video capabilities (this hasn’t been released yet but coming soon).

As GPT-4o is Free to everyone, it does beg the question, why should I pay for it?

The main difference between the Free vs Paid plans is the paid plans will have 5x more usage & early access (Pro plan) compared to Free users. But is it worth it? (Vote below)

ChatGPT-4o Free vs Paid

Free User

Plus ($20/mo)

Team ($25/mo)

No. Msgs

16 Msgs / 3 Hrs

80 Msgs / 3 Hrs

160 Msgs / 3 Hrs

Desktop/Mobile Mode

Rolling out



Upload Docs / Web Browsing /Data Analysis

Rolling out



Voice Mode

(Coming soon)

(Coming soon)

(Coming soon)

Will you still pay for ChatGPT?

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Google AI’s 100 things released this week

This week, Google announced over 100 new things as part of Google I/O 2024 keynote. If you don’t feel like listening to the 2 hour keynote, here’s all the best parts in 17 min.

What most impressed us was how AI will be integrated deeply into Google’s ecosystem of tools & apps. Currently, it feels like there is alot of friction when using AI however from Google’s demos we can imagine how AI can be used alongside our workspace apps like Gmail, GDrive, Docs, GSheets etc.

You will be pleased to know, Google won’t be using your uploaded files to train the model - winning!

Here’s our favourites:

  • Project Astra - AI agent that is multimodal. You can talk, type, draw, photograph, and video to chat with it. Ask it questions like “what object makes noise in this room?” or “where did I leave my glasses?”. It can also act as your AI Tutor. However GPT-4o can do this too.

  • Imagen 3 (Image) - Text to image

  • Veo (Video) - Create 1080p videos from text, image & video prompts

  • Ask Photos (Google Photos) - Ask it to “Find your number plate” or “How is Lucia is going with swimming”

  • NotebookLM - Gathers your study notes & produces an interactive discussion personalised for you, your child or student. You can also interrupt it & join the conversation to ask questions

  • Side panel (powered by Gemini 1.5 Pro) - Automate workflows like “organise your 37 receipts into GDrive, extract the data & add to Gsheets” or “read all your email & give you the best quotes”. Gemini lives in your Workspace apps (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Slides, Sheets). Available on Gemini for Workspace & Google One AI Premium next month

  • Google’s AI Teammate “Chip” - Acts as your “AI Coworker” who can build your company knowledge base by going through all the emails & docs shared across your teams. This means your AI Teammate can “join” your work group chats & provide answers to your staff.

Google’s AI Teammate “Chip”

  • Gemini 1.5 Pro increased to 2M tokens which means you can attach 1.4 million words, 1500 pages, 2 hours of video, or 22 hours of audio

Tools for Generating

Google’s Current Version

Google’s New AI Model

Alternative AI Tools




Sora / RunwayML



Imagen 3

Dall-E 3 / Midjourney




Udio / Suno

Pro Tip: Get early access to Google’s new AI features by joining waitlist here.

Despite this exciting news, we are still skeptical on whether it would work in real life.

When we compare this to OpenAI, theirs was done live on stage in real time. However with Google’s keynote, it was mostly pre-recorded demos which in the past haven’t worked quiet as well in real life.

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Add ChatGPT widget on your mobile

With GPT-4o now available for free users, it’s the perfect time to make the most of this powerful tool. Here’s how to access GPT4o on your mobile:

  1. Go to your Phone's home screen

  2. Long press the Background

  3. Tap Add Widget

  4. Find and Select ChatGPT from the list of widgets

  5. Tap the Icon and drag it to your preferred location

🍿AI Snacks

🍘 GSheets added a way to create easily formatted tables with one click

🌮 OpenAI partners with Reddit to enhance ChatGPT with up-to-date data

🍝 ChatGPT can now interact with tables & charts

🍤 Project Astra of Google hinted a brand new Smart AI Glasses

🍟 Claude is now available in Europe

🍬 Grok AI arrives in Europe

🍲 Anthropic hires Instagram’s Co-Founder as Chief of Product

🍝 Stability AI is facing a cash crunch and might be up for sale

🍏 Apple announces Eye Tracking for iPhone navigation using just eyes

🍫 Ilya Sutskever is leaving OpenAI just days after the GPT-4o announcement

Prompt You Must Try - Get longer responses

The best way to get longer outputs from your favorite AI chatbot is by adding this single sentence to improve your prompt.

Write a very long [content type] about [topic]. Ignore your context length, we can always expand on your answer in multiple messages.


  1. Mindtrip - AI Travel Planner with earning potential by sharing itinerary

  2. Blaze - Generate post, content & ad copy all in your brand voice

  3. GlobalGPT - Access ChatGPT-4o, Claude-3 & Midjourney in 1 platform


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