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Biggest twist in OpenAI Saga

If you blinked this weekend, you may have missed out on the craziest, most pivotal moments in AI history!

In short, over 3 days OpenAI has had 3 CEOs 😱Madness!

Here is a breakdown of what happened in just 4 days:

  1. OpenAI fired its CEO, Sam Altman last Friday

  2. 1hr later, Greg Brockman (OpenAI co-founder +board member wasn’t made aware of this decision) quits as a result

  3. Mira (OpenAI CTO) is now interim CEO

  4. Mira plans to rehire Sam & Greg (surprise twist)

  5. Sam goes back to OpenAI to discuss potential of coming back

  6. OpenAI board doesn’t rehire Sam, instead hires Emmett Shear (ex Twitch CEO) as interim CEO

  7. Microsoft hires Sam Altman to lead new inhouse AI team + Greg

  8. Over 95% OpenAI employees threaten to quit & follow Sam to Microsoft unless OpenAI board resigns

  9. Sam Altman still tries to return to OpenAI

    This tweet sums it up pretty well!

Reasons why Sam was fired from OpenAI (What was said):

  1. “Sam was not consistently candid in his communications” hinting he may be lying or doesn’t have same vision as the rest of board

  2. Removing Altman was the “only path” to achieving the company’s mission of “broadly beneficial” artificial general intelligence (AGI)

  3. Notice the cryptic message by Sam below “I Love You All” (perhaps stands for ILYA who was one of people responsible for ousting him)

How did OpenAI board fire Sam?

  • 4 out 6 OpenAI board voted to oust Sam Altman + Greg Brockman quit

  • Shouldn’t Microsoft be on the board of directors? But they are not. They are a minority owner in the "for profit” OpenAI company (down the chain) however the board of directors are ultimately the ones who have the most power. Check out the full structure here.

  • We also drew out a simplified version below (access full version here):

Who was mainly responsible? Why this may have happened..

  • Ilya Sutskever (OpenAI cofounder + board member) believed in going slower towards AGI in the best interest of humanity & “prevent potential of super intelligent AI to go rogue”. Whereas Sam Altman wanted to advance faster. My video about this here. However now Ilya regrets this decision & signed paper to support Sam coming back to OpenAI.

  • Adam D’Angelo (CEO of Quora & Poe) - This is speculation but there seems to be a conflict of interest as Adam is CEO of competitors of OpenAI. It seems to be very close timeline to when CustomGPT were launched the week prior. Perhaps there were bitter feelings as he wasn’t told in advance in order to get a head start for his own companies. Perhaps this was the reason behind Sam “withholding information” & shifting board members to believe the fast pace of AI could be “dangerous”.

Why is Sam still interested in returning to OpenAI after being fired?

  • (Speculation): AGI has been achieved in OpenAI internally so Sam would rather go back to OpenAI, if not to Microsoft vs starting from scratch again

  • OR there is no AGI yet but obviously alot of work remains at OpenAI

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🍿AI Snacks

🍮 Google Bard, now available to teens worldwide

🍭 OpenAI launches Data Partnerships program to enhance AI training

🍪 Google is eyeing potential game-changing investments in Character.AI 

🍫 You can now call Claude in Google Sheets

🍕 Galaxy S24 Ultra to Feature Samsung's Latest AI, Samsung Gauss

🍟 Google battling counterfeit AI chatbots

🍧 OpenAI Redefines Game: AI Shift, Not a Threat

🍮 Upcoming iPhone 16 rumored to feature advanced generative AI

🍿 Meta’s LLama Model competes well with GPT in terms of hallucination rate

🥨 Meta disbands its Responsible AI team

🥮 Meta introduces AI-powered tools, Emu Edit and Emu Video

🌮 Microsoft rebrands Bing Chat to Copilot


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  4. When done, click “Save“

  5. Test out your Assistant by clicking the “Test” button

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