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NEW SELF AUTOMATING A.I. (AutoGPT) - How YOU can access this now

AutoGPT, recent A.I. news, prompt hacks and more! 🚀

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The AI and tech world is moving fast. Don't worry; we will keep up with it so you don't have to!

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📢 Favourite Tech Tool - Repurpose.io 

Create 1 video and automatically publish it directly onto 6 different social media platforms WITHOUT the watermark. I love it because I don’t need to manually remove the watermark AND it automatically backs up your video into Google Drive/Dropbox incase you ever lose your account (knock on wood).

Check out their website here.

👩‍💻 AutoGPT: What’s all the Hype About?

Auto-GPT is the new disruptive kid in the AI world. Its main purpose is to complete the task you’ve given it on its own by reasoning with itself, critical thinking, and self-prompting until it finishes the goal.

In short, it creates intelligent "agents" that autonomously perform tasks on your behalf.

This dude on Twitter used AutoGPT to create a functioning website just with his voice or this Twitter example conducted market research for waterproof shoes, Google searched 5 competitors and generated a pros/cons report.

Oh, did we mention it only took 8 minutes to complete and cost 10c?

Although it sounds incredible, a common issue is their tendency to become trapped in a "loop" with a particular step or task that they struggle to execute, impeding their progression to the subsequent stage.

Why it matters: While it's true that Auto-GPT models are not yet perfect and have certain limitations, they provide a glimpse into what the future of AI and work could look like.

These “agents” have the potential to revolutionize the way we work by automating time-consuming tasks and boosting productivity in a wide range of different businesses. The crazy thing about this is that there's no need to manually prompt each message from ChatGPT - they can work tirelessly until the goal is achieved.

This can lead to cost savings and increased efficiency, which are critical factors for solo entrepreneurs or large organizations. AI-powered automation will help businesses scale more quickly and effectively, reducing the need for additional resources and allowing them to focus on growth-oriented tasks.

How you can get started:

There are many different ways to access Auto GPT; here are the best ones we found:

1. A step-by-step guide for installing and running AutoGPT on your computer. Don’t let the technical aspect intimidate you. The guide is super simple to understand, and anyone can do it.

But if that’s too technical or you can’t be bothered;

2. You can access an AutoGPT version using AgentGPT or God Mode. We recommend the first option, as GodMode is experiencing high traffic and requires an API key.

📰 Latest AI News and Developments:

1/ The AI wars heat up as Elon announces x.AI launch to compete with ChatGPT. Musk has had concerns over OpenAI as it initially started as a non for profit and GPT-4’s potential ability to be politically biased. It will be fascinating to observe how x.AI competes against the established giants in artificial intelligence.

2/ Amazon enters the generative AI race by launching Amazon Bedrock. It lets customers customize and use LLMs and image generation models from pre-trained models from Stability AI, Anthropic, and others. This opens up opportunities for businesses of all sizes to leverage AI technology to improve operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation.

3/ Open AI's CEO, Sam Altman, confirms the company isn't training GPT5 and 'won't for some time. Altman was asked in a recent interview after an open letter was signed by various AI experts and scientists who called for a pause on AI advancements.

4/ Italy gives Open AI a to-do list for unbanning ChatPGT in the country. With AI becoming more pervasive in our daily lives, governments are under pressure to ensure that AI is being used ethically, safely, and effectively.

5/ New AI tool can detect early signs of lung cancer doctors failed to see. The Mass General Centre developed the tool. It accurately predicted whether a person would develop lung cancer in the year 86% to 94% of the time - health care, along with many industries, are on the verge of rapid transformation.

🔍Prompt Hack

If you're finding it difficult to receive the desired response from ChatGPT, you can ask for advice by requesting:

"What aspects of my original prompt can I adjust to having more influence on your answer?" This will allow chatPGT to analyze your previous attempts and determine ways to improve the prompt.

🤖 Cool A.I. Tools

Durable.co - AI will build your website with text + images instantly! Quick and easy for simple service business sites.

Luna - Send personalised A.I. cold emails + access to 250mil verified leads that match your criteria. Scale your business to the moon!

Opus.pro - Instantly convert 1 long Youtube video into 10+ short form clips! Just pop a URL in & let the A.I. do its work. Free up to 50 clips, paid plan coming in May.

Here’s something interesting we saw this week!

Prompt: Elon Musk in a poor street situation eating sitting on the sidewalk next to homeless people -- v5 -- ar 1:1 -- seed 1 -

Creator: Claudio Navarro.

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