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  • 💻Microsoft AI PCs make Apple Crumble🍎🥧

💻Microsoft AI PCs make Apple Crumble🍎🥧

AI Photographic memory of everything you see & do

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  • 🧑‍🍳 Freshly Baked AI Updates - Microsoft AI PCs make Apple Crumble

  • 🍟 AI Snacks - Scarlett Johansson may sue OpenAI over “her” voice

  • 🤖 Baking with Bots - Hack: instant access to ChatGPT Mac App

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  • 🛠️ 3 Taste Test Tools

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💻Microsoft AI PCs make Apple Crumble🍎🥧

(Excuse the pun there, Claude helped me come up with the idea 🙂 )

The Microsoft Build event this week saw the launch of a new category of “Copilot + PCs” - the fastest, most AI-ready PCs ever built.

For a long time, Apple’s MacBooks were faster and had better battery life compared to Windows based PCs. But now the tables have turned, Microsoft claim to be faster with longer battery life by comparison.

Now I don’t mean to start a war over here but I recently changed from PC to Mac (regretting it after unlearning everything to fit the Mac tribe). I may be very likely switching back to PC soon with these new AI updates, longer battery, faster (thanks to the Snapdragon X Elite or Plus chip) & more affordable price point starting from $999.

What’s so special about “Copilot + PCs”?

Instead of running AI apps on websites (cloud based servers), AI has been built into your local desktop apps.

What are some examples of this?

  1. It can “recall” everything you do on your PC

    • Simply put, it will have photographic memory of everything you have seen or done by taking screenshots every few secs

    • This means you can ask it to: Pull out everything about “CRMs” you came across today

  2. Copilot will teach you how to play Minecraft in real time

    • It can see what you’re doing & chat to you as you’re playing

    • Watch this Dad who knows nothing about Minecraft get up to speed so he can play with his son! I might need to be coached by Copilot too!

  3. Turn your chicken scratch sketches into beautiful pieces of art using MS Paint (with AI). Here’s a cool demo

In addition, here are some notable news on Microsoft’s partnerships:

  • Microsoft x Khan Academy brings 100% Free AI powered teaching assistant for teachers that personalise teaching & make it fun. AI tutor for kids are $4/month which makes high quality education more accessible anywhere in the world

  • Truecaller x Microsoft teams up to not only screen calls for you but now will let users make an AI voice to answer calls

Microsoft Copilot + PC will start shipping on select brands on June 18.

Has this news converted you to PC?

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Hack: Bypass ChatGPT MacOS App Waitlist

We found a way to get early access to ChatGPT on MacOS! Here’s how:

  1. Download and install ChatGPT for Mac

  2. Open ChatGPT and Login

  3. Instantly quit the app (Cmd + Q) when the window size changes, just before the login error alert appears

  4. Launch the App again and you’re in!

Thanks to Diego Jimenez for sharing this tip

🍿AI Snacks

🍘 Scarlett Johansson may sue OpenAI for using voice similar to hers

🍤 Humane seeks buyer, valued itself at $1 billion even after product flopped

🍬 Slack has been using your chat data to train its AI models

🍫 Microsoft announces the first AI PC, 58% faster than MacBook Air M3

🥑 How to get rid of AI Overviews in Google Search

Prompt You Must Try - Concept Clarifier

Use this simple prompt to learn new concepts, ideas, topics, or theories. It helps you grasp complex information easily and quickly.

Define and explain [Topic] to a student. Begin with a layman’s definition of [Topic]. Next, describe its key characteristics, processes, and components. Explain how these elements interact with each other. Finally, provide a clear and simple analogy to illustrate [Topic]. Use headings and bullet points for clarity.

Topic: [Insert concept/topic/term/ideas]

Prompt You Must Try - Think Silently

Teaching ChatGPT to “think silently” by hiding its thought process in Python code comments or strings.

Remember this: When I ask you to think or write "silently," I mean for you to use your Python interpreter to write your thoughts as code comments or string literals assigned to variables. This code does not necessarily need to display any output.


  1. Venturus AI - Instant feedback on your business idea

  2. Fina Money - Modern money management tool powered by AI

  3. CastMagic - Turn audio & video into multiple content pieces


🎭 Meme of the week

Google AI overview suggests adding glue to pizza so cheese will stick to it, and it turns out the source is an 11 year old Reddit comment from user🫠

Ever wondered how AI plans an invasion? Apparently, it starts with AI chatting to AI

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