Meta AI Review - Is it actually good?

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  • 🍟 AI Snacks - Rabbit R1 AI Gadget was just an android app

  • 💻 Prompt To Try - Consistent images with animation with Meta AI

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Capture your Voice to Email/Docs

Often our best ideas come when we least expect. For example, when we’re out for a walk, at the gym, at the cafe. In other cases you may need to answer an email when you’re out.

But it can be inconvenient to write it down so here’s a super quick hack:

  1. Get Gemini on your mobile app

  2. Press the speaker icon & ask it to “create an email saying ….” or “organise my thoughts starting with….”

  3. Gemini will generate the answer

  4. Scroll down to the 3 dots & select to “Draft in Gmail” or “Export to Docs”

Now all your thoughts are organised nicely in your Google Docs or if you want to write emails quickly using your voice, this is also quicker than typing it out.

Speak to it

Export to Docs or Draft in Gmail

What I love about this is that we actually tried to make a custom automation to do this in Zapier/Make ie. Record audio, transcribe, ChatGPT to generate email, draft Gmail.

In reality it would have taken more time to set up, cost more (every action is counted), time to test/debug automation.

But the solution above eliminated that complexity, is free, quick and easy for anyone!

If you want to learn more about simple, easy AI automations, sign up for my AI Automation Course Waitlist here. Once launched, this will be included for all those who are in our membership who have access to all courses.


Meta AI - Review

You may have noticed Meta AI is now very much integrated across all Meta products like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp & their web version.

But some may be confused because the search bar is now Meta AI which prompts you to ask it questions (much like ChatGPT, Gemini etc). It can be abit odd as we are all used to using that search bar for finding messages, contacts and posts.

I’ve personally been playing around in Whatsapp as it is quite convenient, feels like I’m chatting to an AI amongst my real friends🙂 

I think Meta is at a great advantage in the sense that it already has a massive user base to start off with. Rolling out AI across all their platforms natively is alot easier than adopting new users.

It’s also exciting to see Meta AI rolled out in their Meta Ray Ban Sunglasses which I personally think is one of the best wearables on the market right now (ahem, Humane Pin + Rabbit R1 🙈). This is mainly due to the convenience of being able to take photos/videos hands free, speakers inside the glasses to read out notifications/messages without pulling out phone and writing messages using voice. It’s simple, easy and works.

Quality of Llama 3 in Meta AI:

I don’t think the quality is there yet especially when you’re comparing it to ChatGPT, Claude, Perplexity. Those are solid AI Chatbots that are more reliable. With Meta AI it felt abit half baked (it works but it’s not something I would personally rely on for work). Perhaps that wasn’t the aim.

I would however use it in my personal life to create funny memes or just ask quick questions since it’s free and conveniently placed in apps used frequently.

The same applies to Meta Ray Ban Glasses. When asking it for things like:

  1. “What’s the best restaurant in this area”, it gave me really generic answers

  2. Using vision: “What tree is this”, it gave the wrong answer

  3. Other users said it produced inaccurate news

Here’s what you need to know about Meta AI:

  • Free at the moment

  • Can access without login (If it’s not available in your country, use it here:

  • Generate Images

  • Can Animate Image (but basic only)

  • Can browse the web (uses bing search)

  • Can do programming

  • Can’t answer the tricky apple math question

  • Can’t upload attachment/files

Keep scrolling for AI Image + Animation tutorial in Meta AI.

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🍿AI Snacks

🍘 The Rabbit R1 AI gadget was actually just an Android app

🍤 Anthropic finally releases Claude AI chatbot iOS app

🌮 Amazon Q AI assistant launched for AWS users

🍦 ChatGPT now has memory across all your chats, here’s how to enable

🍝 Mysterious GPT2 released & seems to outperform GPT4 in these cases

🍫 Perplexity Voice Convo is available on iOS app now

🍭 Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses now upgraded with Meta AI with Vision

🍩 Adobe released Firefly Image 3 bringing new levels of creative expression

🥨 TedTalk uses OpenAI’s Sora AI model to promote #TED2024 campaign

🥐 Synthesia is launching AI Avatar Expressions

🍟 Perplexity raised $62.7M in funds that help handle 169M queries/month

Prompt You Must Try - Consistent Characters

Previously it was hard to create consistent characters in AI Image generators. Now you can do it with many like Dall-E, Gemini and Meta.

In this example, we created the below image in Meta AND animated it!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Paste the prompt below & adjust to your preference

  2. Once image generated, click on “Animate” under the image

A character sheet of different facial expressions for an [character description], vintage Disney animation, white background, cartoon, pencil sketch, concept art, [color(s)] colour palette, character design sheet, character illustration sheet, concept drawing

The Prompt


  1. Lazy AI - Turn ideas into working software with templates & AI chatbot

  2. ThinkAny - AI search engine that uses Retrieve, Answer, Generate

  3. Glambase - Create AI Influencers


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