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  • 📲Meta launching AI “Personas” & why it matters

📲Meta launching AI “Personas” & why it matters

GPT5 Leaked Trademark

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  • 🤖 News - Meta building AI “Personas” & why it matters

  • 🍟AI Snacks - GPT5 Trademark leaked

  • 📝AI Tutorials - Canva AI Videos + ChatGPT Custom Instructions

  • 🛠️ AI Tools To Try

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Meta could launch as soon as next month a series of AI Personas built into FB, Insta and Whatsapp. Each persona could have different personalities, provide different experiences in the form of text, image and video.

Why is this important?

  • Provide a new way to search, get recommendations and discover new products

  • Potentially boost engagement with users by offering advice on topics like travel and food etc.

  • This would provide more targeted ads for businesses. It may follow Snapchat with sponsored links within the chat


Tired of wasting time piecing together multiple apps?

PixieBrix seamlessly connects all your favorite web apps using low code.

Easily add custom widgets & automate tasks within your web apps!

Eg. Pull up a PixieBrix widget on Linkedin to extract data + add to database + share with team (all within the webpage).

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🍿AI Snacks

🍭 GPT5 leaked trademark show focus on audio conversion+ speech recognition

🍩 Future of Gaming is crazy - AI NPC in action here

🍰 Your next meal may come from a professional robot chef

🍧 DishBrain - Computer chip built into human brain gets military funding

🧋Japan’s UBIE releases Free AI Health symptom checker


Canva + HeyGen AI Video Tutorial

Canva teamed up with HeyGen to release Custom AI Videos!

You can now create your custom videos for training, presentations and social media content! Here are the deets:

  • All you need is your photo and text! 

  • Lip syncing isn’t perfect

  • 2 Free videos for you to try

  • I tried it out so you don’t have to - check it out

  • If you want to try it, here’s our tutorial (or short version below)

ChatGPT Custom Instructions

If you wished ChatGPT would give you custom answers based on your unique situation, you’ve got to try Custom Instructions! Here’s why:

  • ChatGPT gives you personalised responses without you needing to repeating your preferences

  • Set up once and forget about it


A teacher crafting a lesson plan no longer has to repeat that they're teaching 3rd grade science. Below is what they can instruct ChatGPT with:

Check out the difference in answers with and without Custom Instructions.

“What would be three important things to teach about the moon?

The difference:

  • NO custom instruction - gives generic information about the topic

  • WITH custom instruction - Tailors answers to teaching 3rd grade students including pros/cons of the topics and puts it into a table format as instructed

The only downside from your comments is that it can only do 1 set of instructions so say you’re working with alot of clients who all need different profiles/instructions, it wouldn’t be ideal in this case.

However if this is for 1 business (or yourself), this works great!

We’ve created a tutorial for you on how to do this including a template you can copy/paste/adjust!

Note: Not yet available in UK and EU.


  1. Yepic AI - Turn your own headshot photos into personalized video chatbots in real time for customer support. It’s called “ChatGP-Me”!

  2. MaxAI.me - A Chrome extension that provides seamless access to leading AI chatbots like Claude2, ChatGPT4, Bard, and Bing

  3. Beehiiv - Content-focused newsletters and publications. Focused specifically on writers, not e-commerce.


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