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  • 😱Hollywood AI Actors offered 1 Day Pay & AI can do sales calls now?☎️

😱Hollywood AI Actors offered 1 Day Pay & AI can do sales calls now?☎️

Create the Viral LinkedIn Headshot - Tutorial Inside

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Hollywood wants to use AI actors for 1 Day Pay

Would you trade your face and likeness for a day’s pay? That’s what movie studios are offering background actors - taking scans to create their digital likeness. This sounds eerily similar to Black Mirror’s episode “Joan is Awful” where a digital likeness of Salma Hayek goes south after unexpected use of her AI twin. Full Article ↗️

Coincidentally, I put my face into an AI app to generate professional Linkedin Headshots (yep my face is probably everywhere now). Want to see how they turned out? Keep scrolling my friends 🥲 

Microsoft up $154 bil market cap after $30/mo plan

Microsoft will be charging an additional $30/mo per user to access it’s A.I. Copilot that integrates into Microsoft 365 Suite to help with summarizing documents, compose emails and speed up analysis in excel. See announcement ↗️

AI showed us humans it can close sales calls

and book meetings over the phone! Air.ai automates personalized support 24/7, saving tons of time and staff costs. Hear the conversation yourself ↗️

1 Free Newsletter > $200k Marketing Degree

Wondering which new customer acquisition channels brands are finding success with? Trying to figure out how to create landing pages that actually convert clicks into customers? Debating on taking Tik Tok seriously or not?

Well more than 60,000 world class CEOs, Founders, & Marketers are getting the answers to all of those questions and more by simply reading Growth Daily for 5 minutes every morning!

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Elon Musk Launches ChatGPT Rival - “Anti woke” AI

with the ambitious goal "to understand reality." It’s called xAI and will be working closely with his other companies like Twitter (to train its AI models) and Tesla in hopes to accelerate self driving cars. Pretty clever. See announcement ↗️

Wix giving us ability to build an entire website using only AI prompts

Shopify (ecommerce platform) launches AI “Sidekick” so you can ask it things like “why are my sales down in March?” or carry out tasks like “put this collection on sale” or “create a new section on my homepage” without you having to do it yourself


Create Viral LinkedIn Headshots - My tutorial here

Need professional Linkedin Headshots? I tried Remini AI and it generated AI pics of me using my selfies! Yes, I’m the guinea pig. It’s not 100% perfect but pretty nice!

You can do it for free, I signed up yesterday (just sign up to 3 day free trial and you don’t get charged if you cancel before). Some of you mentioned the free trial is still available and some not. It doesn’t seem like there’s a limit to photos generated. See my tutorial.

If you’re worried about data/privacy, best not to use it. I’m only using it because I did this with Lensa last year and well….my face is probably out there anyway lol.

If you’re not comfortable using it, a free alternative from a reputable brand + highly recommended is Adobe Firefly (Generative Fill). You can brush over areas you want to adjust like clothing, props an even trick your friends with your fake vacations? 🙂 

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Automated AI Tutorial - Customer Google Form

Wouldn’t it be great to never touch your inbox again?

Wouldn’t be even sweeter if all your customer google form enquiries were collected in 1 google sheet and all you had to do was type “yes” and it would automatically send an A.I. response to your customer?

We’ve created and tested this automation for you 🙂 

What this automation allows you to do:

  • AI (chatgpt) automatically generates responses to customer enquiries submitted via Google Forms

  • Answers are all in 1 place for you to check (Google Sheets)

  • Once you’re happy, type “Yes” to all

  • Zapier automatically sends off the email (all in Google Sheets)

All done without ever dealing with your inbox!

 ChatGPT Prompt to try

Use "Product-Market fit" and analvse [product] and improve it to better fit [market space].

Product = [Insert here]


Humantic.ai - simplify the process of automating customer service processes.

Folk.app - an intelligent CRM simplifies collaboration and feedback-sharing, insights from colleagues.

Marketmuse - a comprehensive AI review of your website that provides tailored, unbiased feedback.

Copyspace - Write 8000+ words swiftly in just a single click


🚀 How I can help you

Here are 3 ways I can help you:

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Generate UNLIMITED supply of content ideas, craft your unique brand voice, create a marketing strategy and generate captivating video hooks/scripts tailored to your industry - All using my custom Plug and Play Chatgpt Prompts.

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