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Secret GPT2 - How To Access

A mysterious GPT 2 has come surface last week without knowing who launched it. No clues from OpenAI but we did see Sam Altman’s tweet 🤔

It disappeared shortly after but resurfaced this week. Now, there are two versions: “im-a-good-gpt2-chatbot” and “im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot.

Some users claim its capabilities exceed GPT-4, Gemini, Claude & other AI models. Here’s what users have created using GPT2:

  • Created Tetris + Flappy Bird clone with 1 simple prompt

  • Created their own code interpreter

  • Solving physics problem (every AI model got this wrong except GPT2)

  • Generated a program to convert doodle to art

  • Generating diagram “draw yourself” where GPT2 drew a much better image of itself than GPT4

Want to try it yourself? Here’s a tutorial below.

Now this is not your normal ChatGPT. The easiest way to access GPT2 without downloading it to your computer is to follow our short tutorial below.

It honestly feels more like a game because it doesn’t tell you what model is being used. Once you enter your prompt, you need to vote which answer you like better before it will reveal which AI model it is. So it may take a few tries! I got mine after 3 tries so it shouldn’t take long!

Here’s how to access GPT2 for free:

  1. Go to

  2. Select Arena (battle) mode (Upper-left part of the page)

  3. Enter a very short prompt

  4. Rate the response.

    The model you used will appear at the bottom of the chatbox


  • If you don't get 'im-a-good-gpt2-chatbot' or 'im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot', click 🎲 New Round and keep trying until you do

  • If you happen to get lucky and land on one of the new gpt2-chatbot models, don't refresh the page or click the new round. Otherwise, you'll have to start over

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Fake AI Katy Perry At Met Gala Goes Viral

Another case of fake AI Images go viral. This time it was Katy Perry who didn’t attend the Met Gala this year however her AI twin did (see below).

Even Katy Perry’s mom thought it was her!

While no harm was done (this time) we do need to be wary of the safety of AI content being released into the public. For those who are in the world of AI (yes you!), you may think twice before believing something you see online.

But to be honest I would have personally flicked through the images and assumed she was there 🙂 (not that I care too much about these events!).

Unfortunately, many others who aren’t aware of how far it’s become, it could be spreading misinformation.

Coincidentally, news of OpenAI working on a new AI tool to detect Dall-e 3 AI images came out this week. Here’s a peak at what it can do:

  • 98% accuracy in detecting AI images (by Dall-e 3)

  • Only 5-10% accuracy for other AI Image tools like Midjourney

  • Currently all Dall-e 3 images have meta data to spot AI images

  • New AI image detector will allow you to upload images to check

Our take: Alot of people in the public probably won’t think use this tool (who has time to upload & check every photo?). However it would awesome if social media platforms for example use these tools to automatically detect + tag AI images as it’s being uploaded in real time. So if it goes viral, we’re all aware.

Build AI Website in Minutes (All in One)

Hostinger (web hosting site we personally use) has now come out with a new AI website builder. For less than a cup of coffee, you can quickly build your business website using AI, drag & drop to customise & access many AI tools.
They also include a FREE domain, email, ecommerce functions & more!

We’ve partnered with Hostinger to offer all Future AI Lab subscribers an extra 10% off using the code: BRANDNAT

🍿AI Snacks

🍘 Microsoft is creating an AI model that could potentially rival OpenAI

🍤 Content creators can soon control the usage of their works in AI training

🌮 OpenAI's new tool can detect deepfake images with 98% accuracy

🍝 A new ChatGPT search engine is expected to be public on 9th May

🍏 Apple unveiled the M4 chip that enables advanced AI capabilities

🍬 Udio launched Audio Inpainting for lyric editing & musical correction

🍫 OpenAI & Stack Overflow partnership to enhance ChatGPT's technical knowledge 

Prompt You Must Try - Simplify

Use ChatGPT to find ambiguous terms and make them more simple.

I’m pasting a message I wrote, a [describe the nature of the message] designed for [describe the audience]. Your task is to remove ambiguity. Without changing the meaning, style, tone or anything that is not ambiguous, produce a new version that simplifies anything potentially confusing and avoids raising objections. Explain what you changed so I can understand: [Paste copy here]


  1. Otio - Read, write, edit and paraphrase with AI, built for research

  2. - Access all popular AI models in one AI search Engine

  3. Simplified - AI Design, Video, Writer & Social media AI - all in one tool.


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