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  • 🛠️ 3 Taste Test Tools

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Google AI Smashes ChatGPT

This bold claim made by researchers at SemiAnalysis comes as Google’s version of ChatGPT (Gemini AI) is expected to launch this fall - see image below taking jabs at Sam Altman🙈

Apparently, Gemini AI “Smashes GPT-4 by 5X in computing power.

But wait, 5X computing power doesn’t mean it is 5X higher quality compared to ChatGPT as AI enthusiast ‘Teknium’ points out.

How Google may win the AI wars:

  • Quality Training Data - Google’s most threatening differentiator. Being the world’s biggest search engine with access to train its AI on data from Google Search, Youtube, Google Books & Scholar, this is a major advantage every AI company is thirsting for.

  • Multimodal first - Unlike ChatGPT which is limited to text based, Gemini can accept text, video, audio & image inputs while producing text & image outputs.

  • One Stop Shop - Google adds Meta & Anthropic to its cloud platform. Aren’t they competitors? Yes, but Google is positioning themselves as the place where customers have freedom to choose an AI model for their needs whether it is from Google or their partners.

  • Over 50% AI startups pay for Google Cloud - Many AI Start-ups like Anthropic, Cohere, use Google Cloud so either way Google still benefits.

New ChatGPT Enterprise - Game Changer

OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT Enterprise is a game changer for business clients.

Data privacy was one of the major reasons why corporate companies were resistant to staff using ChatGPT for work. Not anymore!

Here’s what ChatGPT Enterprise offers:

  • Privacy is ensured as no company data is used to train OpenAI’s model

  • Unlimited Messages = No usage limits

  • High speed (2X faster)

  • 4X longer inputs, files & follow ups (~24k words)

  • Collaborate with teams - Sharable templates & build out workflows

What does this mean?

  • ChatGPT could be the new “spreadsheet” tool for companies to power their daily work. Staff can use tools like Code Interpreter to analyse lots of data without worrying about confidential information

  • Enterprise businesses may not need to build their own AI inhouse which may be cheaper (but cost is still unknown, contact sales to find out)

  • Simple and safe way for companies to adopt AI

How normal ChatGPT compares to Enterprise version:

ChatGPT (Plus Plan $20/mo)

  • 50 Messages / 3hrs

  • 8k Token Input

  • Data not secure (Need to actively opt out)

ChatGPT Enterprise

  • Unlimited Messages

  • 32k Token Input

  • Data is secure by default

  • Admin control

  • Certified SOC 2 Compliant

  • 2X Faster

Exciting features coming soon:

  • Customized connections - Connect ChatGPT + company data + your applications (dare we say gmail, gsheets, hubspot, trello?🤩)

  • Access for all team sizes - A self serve offering for small business

  • Powerful tools - perhaps web browsing will be back on the cards?

  • Functional tools - tools for marketers, data analysts, customer support

🍿AI Snacks

🍭 Meta Released Code Llama to generate & analyze code. Access here

🍩 Microsoft adds AI to Paint, Photos, & Clipping

🍟 DoorDash launched new AI voice ordering tech for restaurants

🍰 Microsoft Excel now supports Python, making it even more powerful

🍧 Disney, New York Times, & CNN engage in an AI cold war against ChatGPT

🧋 Poe's latest app allows you to access multiple AI chatbots in 1 place

🍫 White House Hacker Challenge Aims to Debug AI Bias


AI Tutorial: Hand-Drawn to Animation

Not many people know Meta released a neat AI tool (Metademolab) that converts your child’s drawing into a fun animation! It’s ridiculously simple and easy, here’s how:

  1. Draw your cartoon on a piece of paper and then upload it here 

  2. Resize the box to ensure the character fits the frame (optional)

  3. Adjust joints on image (optional)

  4. Choose Animation generated

1. Upload Drawing

2. Export Animation

Want to take it a step further? You can create a fun video like below by adding the animation to Canva or Adobe ontop of your existing video! Here’s how.

3. Dance with Animation!

Custom Instructions You need to Try

@Nisten’s Custom Instructions to help tailor your ChatGPT output

First Box - What would you like ChatGPT to know about you to provide better responses?

I'm a [technical manager] who likes [kanban boards] and always requires you to submit complete [output] and complete [code] that works when I copy paste it to use in my own work.

Second Box - How would you like ChatGPT to respond?

Respond with a tree of thought reasoning in the persona of a [persona description] who [specific actions or characteristics] like this:

-[Kanban] table of the project state with [with todo, doing, done columns].

-Problem: A [system 2 thinking] description of the problem in first principles and super short [system 1 thinking] potential solution.

-Root Cause Analysis (RCA): Use formal troubleshooting techniques like the ones that [professionals in relevant field] use to systematically find the root cause of the problem

-4 Whys: "Iterate asking and responding to Why: 4 times successively to drill down to the root cause."

Complete Solution:
Answer with the COMPLETE output in a way that I can copy paste in ONE SHOT and that it will JUST WORK. So DO NOT SKIP OR COMMENT OUT anything understood?!


  1. Watto AI - Unify your docs across 10+ platforms with just 1 click

  2. Augment - Your personal AI Assistant who is across multiple platforms

  3. GoCharlie - Generate images, blogs, ads & website headlines


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