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Create Custom GPT to retrieve your Data

Last week I showed you how to create your company Chatbot inside Slack (your work communication tool).

In a nutshell, you can upload your company info and call upon it to pull out information quickly for you.

In my example, I often need to pull out specific affiliate links to add to my newsletter or blog.

96% of you voted yes to showing you how to recreate the same thing using CustomGPT (ChatGPT Plus accounts).

Now there’s a few reasons why you may want to do this:

  1. If you “live” in ChatGPT and have a Plus account anyway ($20/mo)

  2. You can upload more formats like spreadsheets, word doc, PDF, image

  3. Don’t want to use too many different tools

Tutorial - Create Your CustomGPT to fetch your Company Info

  1. Go to ChatGPT > Explore GPTs > Create

  2. In “Create” Tab, message your GPT Builder & tell it what you want it to do. Eg. I want you to retrieve affiliate links everytime I give you an AI tool name

  3. Keep answering its questions & it will auto build out a set of custom instructions to tell ChatGPT how to answer you. Add any further info

  4. Upload your company files (see below for disclaimer)

  5. Select relevant functions for your CustomGPT like “Web browsing, Dall-e image or code interpreter

So now when I ask my CustomGPT to get that link I’m looking for..

As you can see there were some errors when trying to get this info. But it did give me the answer.

Here are the downsides of CustomGPT:

  • Inconsistency - Last week when I tested this, it worked perfectly. However this week it was littered with errors. I had to re-prompt it to get it to work again which is why Prompt Engineering is still relevant. Despite getting the correct link, I asked the exact same question again and it said there were errors!

  • Not dynamic - The same as last week’s tutorial with Chatbase, both are not dynamic which means if your company data changes, it doesn’t auto sync like Google Drive. You need to manually re-upload the new file

Pro tip: Please don’t upload super sensitive company info. I have a video here to show you how to to protect your CustomGPT by opting out (not obvious).

Fun fact: Did you know you can “call” your CustomGPT into any of your ChatGPT chats simply by typing “@” which will bring up all your CustomGPTs to choose from? 🙂 

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🍿AI Snacks

🥧 OpenAI is developing digital voice AI assistants like Siri and Alexa

🍩 Zapier released its version of customGPTs, now with live knowledge

🥐 Copilot in Microsoft Teams will soon identify speakers in meetings

🍔 OpenAI Beta testers showcased their Sora (text to video) short films

🥨 OpenAI's initiative tests rewarding US builders for their AI contributions

Prompt You Must Try - Mind Maps by ChatGPT

Utilize ChatGPT to help you generate mind maps. Copy the prompt below

Create a mind map of [Your Topic]. List topics as central ideas, main branches, and sub-branches. After generating the mind map, convert it into markdown format

To visualize the mind map, copy and paste the markdown into


  1. Submagic - Auto edited short videos with AI captions & Magic B-rolls

  2. Kittl - Create, edit, & modify stunning graphics like pro designer

  3. Motion - AI plans your day automatically based on tasks and priorities


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