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  • ChatGPT builds your business from scratch? Check out how!

ChatGPT builds your business from scratch? Check out how!

EXACT Chatgpt prompt to create your business!

Hi !

The AI and tech world is moving fast. Don't worry; we will keep up with it so you don't have to!

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👩‍💻A.I. Hustle!

Let ChatGPT create a digital product from scratch!

This is probably the most simplest way to package up your knowledge and sell it.

Previously I was an ecommerce store owner (not dropshipping but I created my own brand from scratch). ChatGPT would have saved me literally weeks if not months of work if I had this sort of information and strategy in the first place.

For the purpose of creating an even more simple business model - digital products as opposed to physical products (ecommerce), it cuts down that extra layer of actually buying stock/inventory, fulfilling orders etc.

You literally don’t need to fufill anything once you have set up a digital product.

This works great if you have a particular skill or knowledge in a niche (please don’t try to create an ebook around something you know nothing about as it will show hehe).

Anyway here’s a little test with the prompt to help you create this new digital business with a very knowledgeable + experienced coach 😛 Try it out yourself!

Note: I didn’t say it was easy 🙂 (I am not a fan of get rich quick stuff but these ideas are to help you get inspired with what is possible. It’s up to you to make it happen 🙂 ).

📰 Latest AI News and Developments:

1/ A.I. Text to Gaming, a glimpse into how creators can quicker with text based prompts or sketches. Unity, a well known

2/ Baidu's Ernie AI model reportedly outperforms OpenAI's ChatGPT on multiple metrics. According to benchmarks tested by China Science Daily, Ernie 3.5 scored higher in comprehensive ability and Chinese capabilities compared to GPT-4. It surpassed Chatgpt/GPT on Chinese however was behind in English. It was released 3 months ago so we may yet to see what Ernie 3.5 can do.

3/ Paul McCartney says there’s nothing artificial in new Beatles song made using AI. The unreleased demo from the 70s was made from a cassette recording, with AI used to "extricate" John Lennon’s voice. Music and AI enthusiasts alike have been anxiously awaiting the results of this experiment.

4/ We may not see GPT5 launch until 2025 but we may see a GPT4.5 refresh midway. Here’s what we could see in GPT5:

  • Multimodal capabilities: GPT-5 is expected to expand beyond GPT-4's text and image processing by incorporating audio and video modalities, following trends set by Google's experiments in multimodal AI (PaLM 2).

  • Closer to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): GPT-5 might be able to handle real-world tasks, such as having an autonomous agent buy groceries based on your budget and diet requirements, automatically search for recipes, shop for the ingredients, and have it delivered straight to you. This would represent a move towards AGI, where AI can perform any intellectual task that a human can.

  • Greater accuracy: GPT-5 could be more truthful in its responses by using larger and more diverse datasets to hopefully minimize the generation of incorrect or made-up information, a problem faced by earlier models.

  • Accessibility and affordability: The release of GPT-5 could result in GPT-4 becoming more accessible and affordable, which could enhance its proficiency in complex tasks like coding, translation, and research.

Automation Tutorial

Ever find yourself looking for invoices, PDFs or attachments in your email during tax time?

Our team created a simple Zapier automation (that you can steal !🙂 ) that allows you to automatically:

  1. Detect every time there is a new email with an attachment (in Gmail)

  2. Upload the attachment to Google Drive

  3. Add details with Name of File, Link to the File and Date it was added.

Copy this Zap for your own business here.

ChatGPT Prompt to try

Let ChatGPT build a digital product for you and guide you through the process! If you make money with this one, email me because I’d love to showcase it in the next newsletter 😛 

Please act as a Fortune 500 business coach. Your goal is to help me make $10,000 in 30 days by selling digital products in [Niche]. Please tell me who our ideal customer is, give me 15 product ideas as well as price points, and give me a sales and marketing strategy. Please be detailed and include bullet points for easy reading.

👩‍💻 A.I. Tools You Need To Try!

  1. Imagica AI - Build an AI app in minutes using just text to describe it!

  2. Hubspot AI - Hubspot released Chatspot, an awesome tool connected to Hubspot CRM where you can get Chatspot to add your lead contacts, pull up review notes and generate report summaries about your prospects!

  3. Gamma AI - Text to beautiful presentations, docs, decks and webpages

🚀 How I can help you

Here are 3 ways I can help you:

1. Train ChatGPT to be your Brand Marketer! Grab it here.

Generate UNLIMITED supply of content ideas, craft your unique brand voice, create a marketing strategy and generate captivating video hooks/scripts tailored to your industry - All using my custom Plug and Play Chatgpt Prompts.

2. Book a consultation call with me

I’ll help you create strategies give ideas on how to use A.I in your business, navigating Chatgpt prompting, best tools, and more! Book a call here.

3. Advertise with us (10,000+ Email, 360k+ Social media)

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