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😱 Create FREE Custom AI Songs (while you can!)

1200 songs/mo

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  • 🍟 AI Snacks - AI fake demos & dumpster fires

  • 💻 Prompt To Try - Find your effortless tasks

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Create FREE + Customised AI Songs

(Free for now!)

To be honest, I’m not much of a music person but when I tested out these new AI music generators….I’m hooked!

The part that stood out for me was - it was SO quick and easy to make customised music thats ACTUALLY sounds professional.

I started off making funny customised songs with my kids names in it, poking fun at them. It totally made their day and this morning I found them on the laptop creating their own songs!

I’m even contemplating playing a song about my client’s company just before I walk into the AI workshop next week 🙂 

Maybe just stick with making parody songs about your friends and family for now eh?😛 

I made a cool parody song about ChatGPT, Claude, Perplexity & all the others so keep reading below!

The latest one everyone has been raving about is Udio which allows you to generate 1200 songs/mo (for now as beta testers - try it while you can!).

The other one is Suno which is actually my favourite if I had to choose.

Here’s why.

Right off the bat, without much prompting or customisation, Suno was able to generate a good enough song with nice catchy beats. The lyrics were good. The album cover looks alot nicer than Udio (really professional).

Whereas with Udio I found the song I was trying to create didn’t match the style of music. It just sounded weird. The lyrics were okay but not fully aligned with what I wrote in the prompt. Album cover looks incomplete.

Now this is just my opinion and taste, however there’s plenty who prefer Udio over Suno so I’ll put this to a poll below after you’ve heard the version I made with Claude.



How to generate your own music with Suno:

How to generate your own music with Udio:



Free Credits

300 songs/mo (10/day)

1200 songs/mo

Duration of Music

2 min

33 sec



Abit slow

Overall Quality



Quality(minimal effort)



Easy of Use



Quality of Lyrics



Total Score



Now here’s how it became AWESOME.

Stacking Claude AI with this.

That means creating the lyrics inside Claude and tweaking it (more control with prompting not to mention Claude is great for humanized style of writing).

Here’s the prompt I used:

Claude Prompt 🙂 

Claude Output

Now check out the difference in both (after using Claude lyrics):

  1. Suno - Listen here 

  2. Udio - Listen here

Which Song Did You Prefer?

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Prompt You Must Try - Find your effortless tasks

Instead of going through “hustle culture”, find your hidden strengths by doing what comes naturally. Let ChatGPT find this out for you!

Following the deep dive into my day’s schedule to find my core motivators, let’s look at my week’s schedule to find what we’ll call my effortless flow tasks. Analyze my calendar and ask questions, one by one, about how effortlessly I flow through specific tasks there, as well as how much they contribute to the growth of my business. After 10 questions, identify the types of tasks I should look to do more of, based on how I have answered questions about my week: 

[share screenshot of week or paste your agenda].


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  2. PhotoAI - Copy and paste clothes onto AI models or yourself

  3. Galileo AI - Text-to-UI platform for easy & fast design ideation


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