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Automate Data Sharing: Slack + Data + Chatbot

If you are tired of constantly asking your team or switching tabs to find data in spreadsheets, I’m going to show you a really simple + easy way to automate it.

A practical way I used this - I was constantly asking my assistant in Slack to look up our massive spreadsheet to find a specific AI tool & send me their website link.

Instead of interrupting his deep work & wasting time on this task, I can now ask a chatbot INSIDE my Slack channel to get it for me! See below.

Now the 2 tools you need are:

  1. ChatBase

    Why we chose this:

    • There are many AI chatbots but this was easy + simple + works

    • Great for retrieving data from static docs, can be trained using just website URL, notion (but it didn’t work for us with tables)

    • Collect lead details & view chat history

    What NOT to use it for:

    • If your data gets updated frequently - anytime your data changes you need to reupload it again

    • If you need it to remember previous chats

    • Multistep workflows or logic

  2. Slack

    • This is our team communication tool.

    • You can also link Chatbase to Whatsapp, Zapier, Wordpress (Messenger + Shopify coming soon)

For a full tutorial on how to create your Custom AI Slack Chatbot, we created a step by step tutorial showing you exactly how to set it up here.

**Pro tip: Click on the “Guide Me” button (below) so it can physically show you where to click on your browser. Enjoy! 🙂 

Alternative Method: This could also be replicated in ChatGPT’s CustomGPT! The advantage is you can upload more formats like excel spreadsheets whereas Chatbase doesn’t. And if you already have ChatGPT Plus ($20/mo) then this is perfect.

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🍿AI Snacks

🥧 Microsoft Eats Pi For Dessert, RIP “friendliest AI Chatbot” & ChatGPT rival

🍩 Cheap AI nurses offer real time video support with NVIDIA’s new collab

🍭 Next Apple Siri might use the Google Gemini AI Model

🥐 Saudi Arabia is investing $40Billion in Artificial Intelligence

🍔 First Neuralink patient controls & plays computer games with thoughts

🥨 Sam confirmed OpenAl will release a new model this year

Prompt You Must Try - 2 Words

Neat + simple hack if you want ChatGPT to stop with the excessive blabbering and get to the point.

All you need to do is add 2 words at the end of your prompt “No Yapping”.

[Enter your question]. No Yapping

Credit to our friend Justin Fineberg for this awesome tip!

If you would like to be featured, shoot us through your prompt here!


  1. AIApply - Automate end to end job application, headshots & interview

  2. Dora AI - NEW Text-to-Website tool creates custom pages

  3. Rendernet AI - Generate consistent AI images/characters


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