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Create Realistic AI Video Ads - Under 5min!

This has seriously got to be the most easiest way (plus realistic looking) to create video ads for your business - all using AI!

So if you have ever marketed your product or seen ads, you would have come across "UGC" ads (User Generated Content). It typically works well because a content creator or a customer is talking about the product (creates more trust coming from people other than the brand itself right?).

​BUT this can be quite expensive to send out your product to many creators or hard to get customers to post a video testimonial.

​Well, I came across this AI tool, Creatify that generates the most realistic video ads and super easy to create so I wanted to share it with you guys!

Note: The girl below is not real, she's an AI avatar!

Best parts?

  • Just need your product URL (can be ecommerce or Saas/tech tools)

  • No model, creator or customer needed

  • AI avatar look more realistic + have hand movements

  • Cheap compared to paying creators + posting products

  • Time saved - I made the below ad in under 5min

  • Pretty good for AI generated & doesn't feel too cringy generic

Below are snippets of the ad I created using my fellow Tiktoker friend's product link.​

What does this AI tool do?

  1. Takes your product URL

  2. Extracts your existing images + product info

  3. Create video script + realistic AI Avatar + voice

  4. Ability for you to edit the whole video

How to Create Your Video Ads using AI

  1. Go to Creatify and pop in the URL link to your product

  2. Check/ add extra media or product info

  3. Check/edit video script

  4. Check/edit AI avatar + voice

  5. Edit if necessary & publish!

Now, here's the downside:

  • Video script may not be perfect so you may need to edit (but it's not as cringy 1st round of ChatGPT prompts)

  • Voice matching AI Avatar's mouth movement isn't perfect however after downloading final copy seems to be better but not 100%

  • Editing video isn't a super smooth/intuitive experience but still good it let's you edit

  • Captions didn't stay exactly at the right place after exporting

Overall, I think Creatify is a solid All-in-One AI tool that is easy to use, realistic looking & does a decent job. It's not perfect but it's great for those on a budget or want to test ads really quickly.

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🍿AI Snacks

🥨 The latest Groq AI achieves 500 tokens/sec, far exceeding GPT 3.5

🍟 Zuckerberg announces Meta is working on AI-driven wristband

🌭 Adobe introduces an AI tool for PDF searching and summarization

🥐 Google has unveiled its most powerful AI model yet- "Gemini 1.5"

🍕 Elon suggests a potential partnership between X and Midjourney

Prompt You Must Try - Bulletproof Your Business

Imagine your competitor has just been funded $10mil with the ultimate goal of outperforming you. Use ChatGPT to virtually explore possible scenarios. Identify your vulnerabilities, allow the chat to predict your rival's moves & devise your strategy. It's your playbook for hypothetical warfare, preparing you without directly confronting your opponent.

The prompt:

A competitor in my industry, [describe the competitor], has just received a $10 million investment with the sole purpose of outperforming my business, which [describe what your business does]. This scenario taps into my deepest concerns about what strategies they might deploy to gain a competitive edge. Assume the role of this competitor and articulate a series of aggressive moves, strategies, or innovations they could potentially implement with this new funding to challenge my market position. Present these scenarios one at a time, and ask for my initial reactions, counter-strategies, and whether some actions are best ignored. This dialogue aims to preemptively consider possible competitive threats and refine my strategic planning to reinforce my business's resilience and competitive advantage going forward.


  1. ​​Magnific AI - The best high-res image upscaler & enhancer tool

  2. Cassidy AI - Build AI Chatbot trained on your Business

  3. YouChat - A more personalized AI Chatbot


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