Claude > ChatGPT for this 1 feature

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  • 🍟 AI Snacks - Can future prisoners get implants with false memories?

  • 🧑‍🍳 Freshly Baked AI Updates - Claude > ChatGPT with this 1 feature

  • 🤖 Baking with Bots - Create a game in Claude (No code)

  • 🛠️ 3 Taste Test Tools 

  • 🎭 Memes of the week

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🍿AI Snacks

🍩 Prisons of the future, criminals get implants to show victim’s perspective

🍕 All ChatGPT Plus users will have access to Voice Mode by Fall 

🍤 ChatGPT might feature video & remote collaboration capabilities

🍫 Shopify's new AI chatbot, "Sidekick," is now available for early access

🌮 The ChatGPT desktop app for macOS is now available for all users

🍔 Apple & Meta are in talks to join forces for Apple Intelligence

🍭 Apple Intelligence won't be available in the EU due to regulatory issues

Claude > ChatGPT for this 1 feature

Claude may be my fun bestie right now - Anthropic just shipped it’s newest model Claude 3.5 Sonnet which pretty much beats GPT-4o, Gemini & Llama on most benchmarks.

They also introduced 2 cool new features you will love.

Here’s the 1st one - Artifacts (Free - how to activate it)

Why Artifacts is very cool:

  • Create games & interactive education materials without knowing how to code

  • Split screen to play the game inside the chat (no LLM can do this)

  • Literally anyone can use this- even a 5 year old!

  • Edit your creations using text prompts in real time (& it actually works!)

  • Free to use!

Use cases for Artifacts:

  • Create games like Snake, Flappy Bird or whatever you can dream of

  • Turn a boring research paper into an interactive dashboard

  • Create a custom chrome extension

  • Create single webpage design

Keep scrolling for an Artifacts Tutorial….

Next up we have Projects which is available on paid Claude Pro + Team plans

Why Projects is pretty neat:

  • Similar to CustomGPTs on ChatGPT (Shareable with your team)

  • Set Custom instructions - to tailor your responses (like ChatGPT)

  • If you’re happy with Claude’s answer, 1-click to add it to your Projects

  • Upload docs/code/files with 200K context window (~500 pages)

Business use cases for Projects:

  • Messy Org Chart? Upload your files & get Claude to draw a well structured org chart

  • Want consistency in brand voice across marketing? Upload your past examples + custom instructions & tell Claude to recreate all your marketing collateral using uploaded examples

It’s becoming harder to just be on the free plan lately but luckily the coolest feature is free! (tutorial below)

Which LLM is your fav right now?

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Tutorial: Create using Claude’s Artifacts

Create a custom game you can play using Claude.

Imagine not needing to look for or pay for a game - just think it & create it!

  1. Go to & activate Artifacts (video here)

  2. Think of a game you love (or loved as a child)

  3. Ask Claude to create the game for you + customise it however you like

Here’s an example:

“Create a tetris game but instead of blocks make it gummies”

Note: I wasn’t happy with the 1st draft so I asked it to “Make it look more realistic”. You can always tell it to edit it like “add a restart button”.

Here’s the result!


  1. Capcut - All-in-one creative platform for video content creation

  2. LLMfight - A website where 2 Als debate any topic for you

  3. GlobalGPT - Access ChatGPT-4o, Claude-3 & Midjourney in 1 platform


🎭 Memes of the week

It couldn’t get any worse for Rabbit R1 when people found several critical hard coded API keys in its code which allows people to:

  • Read all your personal messages

  • Brick all R1s

  • Alter responses

so… what to do with them…


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