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ChatGPT Instantly Eliminated Many AI Startups

With the latest update to ChatGPT, many AI startups will instantly be wiped out.

What are the new updates?

  • Upload ANY document format & chat about it. Previously limited to selected file types

  • Combine ALL ChatGPT’s tools without switching. This means you select between web browser and Dalle-3 and data analysis! You can use them all at the same time! 😱😱

Use Cases

  • Browse the web for hurricane data + create infographic based on data + create image of what this would look like

  • Create pixar image of a capybara + upload your product image +combine these two images together (great if you have an ecom store)

How does this affect many AI startups?

This year over 9000 AI tools were launched. With the hype, many of them were built on top of OpenAI’s API (or GPT wrappers) with 1 or 2 extra features.

I’m not dissing on AI startups - I still pay for AI tools that are quite unique however there are ones I steer clear of.

For example, earlier this year I mentioned the reason why I don’t promote 90% of AI copywriting tools in my videos is because they are just a “wrapper” around ChatGPT. I found better results with creating your own ChatGPT prompts once compared to paying for AI tools every month.

For example, Humata AI, AskYourPDF or AI PDF all let you upload pdfs & interact off it. Except now with 1 minor update, you can now do this directly on ChatGPT.

ChatOCR founder said 72.4% will be using their AI tool less as a result.

This is where we need to question whether it is an AI startup or just a feature.

Personally, if I had to sacrifice all my AI tools and choose only one.

It would be ChatGPT.

It’s the one I use everyday for basically everything, it’s so versatile. I believe if you pick 1-3 AI tools & get really good at it, you will be miles ahead of your competitors who are overwhelmed with the noise out there.

If you want to master ChatGPT for work or business, I’m launching a library of mini courses, templates (includes ChatGPT Brand Marketer) & automation workflows that will keep you ontop of AI as it keeps advancing. Preorder for Lifetime access + 50% off for early birds. This won’t be offered again.

How many AI tools do you pay for?

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The MindStudio team will walk through how to leverage foundational AIs & build out complete apps with prompting, automations, & even the ability to query custom data sources. Whether you're a seasoned AI enthusiast or a novice, this webinar will give you the skills to launch your own AI applications quickly.

🍿AI Snacks

🍭 Microsoft Copilot launches today at $30/mo

🧁 Google AI chief says 50% chance we will have AGI in 5 years

🍕 Google Maps rolling out new AI features

🍟 Open AI, Microsoft, Google & Anthropic launch Frontier Model Forum & AI Safety Fund

🍧 Perplexity AI valuation at $500mil if funding secured

🍮 Biden signs AI executive order to govern AI. Is it enough?

🍿 Baichuan outperforms OpenAI, processing 350k Chinese characters


Tutorial - Easily Locate Your Gdrive File

Struggling to spot that one file in a messy drive? Let Bard help you!

  1. Open Google Bard

  2. Click the “puzzle icon” for Bard Extensions

  3. Activate Google Workspace

  4. Click “Connect”

  5. Instruct Bard to locate your file by File Name or content inside it.

ChatGPT Prompt to Try - Brainstorming

Inspired by Walt Disney's approach, the method involves three thinking phases:

Dreamer: Embrace all ideas without judgment, aiming for quantity.
Realist: Assess ideas for feasibility and implementation.
Critic: Refine ideas by identifying potential challenges. This structure ensures free idea generation without initial constraints.

Could we go through the Disney Method to generate ideas for [Topic]? Start with the Dreamer phase


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  3. GetMax - Craft and execute content marketing strategies


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