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$766k worth of Ad Media Value using AI

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Nestle AI Ads Cut Costs By 20x

Major consumer brands like Nestle and Unilever are using AI like ChatGPT and Dall-E for advertising and marketing.

This has cut costs by 10-20x.

For example, WPP worked with Cadbury in India to create 130,000 AI-generated video ads tailored for 2,000 local stores with Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. It gained 94 million views across Youtube & Facebook with minimal human effort.

So instead of flying an entire film crew to India, the content can be produced virtually. Cheaper, faster & more variations.

In another example Nestle generated 1,000 iterations and $766,000 worth of “media value” which basically cost nothing to make.

While many still doubt the creativity AI can give when marketing products & brands, Nestle’s ad agency said, "The engine is answering campaign briefs with great ideas and inspiration that are fully on brand and on strategy".

In fact, this Kitkat AI Ad is genius example of how they’ve used AI to market their products. You have to watch this, I guarantee you’ll “LOL” 😜

Ok, so we thought it would be fun if we tried our hand at creating an ad using your products as examples. Any volunteers? 😉 (I’m serious - the winner will be featured in next week’s newsletter).

If you’re game, submit your product here!

Train ChatGPT On Your Business

OpenAI now allows ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo to be customized with early tests showing equal, or even outperforming GPT4 capabilities.

What does it matter?

Remember how ChatGPT is trained on the whole internet up till 2021? Now imagine you can train it on your own business data (owned by you, not OpenAI).

What does this mean?

  • Better at following instructions you give it eg Always respond in German

  • Formatted answers consistently eg. code formatting, marketing plans

  • Customise tone of voice to match your brand

  • Allows businesses to shorten prompts by up to 90%

How to access?

This is mainly for developers or if you use OpenAI’s API (not the normal web based ChatGPT). However we can expect the above benefits to flow onto more AI tools you currently use in the near future.

🍿AI Snacks

🍭 Singapore has the highest rate of adopting artificial intelligence (AI) skills

🍩 Windows Copilot is now available for users to try in preview mode

🍟 OpenAI’s first acquisition is an AI design company 

🍰 AI Reconstructs Pink Floyd Song From People's Brainwave Recordings

🍧 Upwork and OpenAI Collaborate to Connect Businesses with AI Experts

🧋 Why be real when you can be fake - Social media AI app opposite to BeReal

🍫 Meta’s SeamlessM4T translates 100 languages - soon integrated in FB/Insta/Whatsapp/Threads


Create Powerpoint with ChatGPT

  1. Go to ChatGPT (Plus plan) and access Plugins

  2. Install “Smart Slides”

  3. Enter Prompt eg "Create 7 slide Powerpoint presentation about "The Art of War"

  4. Export Powerpoint presentation generated in ChatGPT

  5. Edit your slides in Powerpoint (if needed)

For the full tutorial, access it here.

Export from ChatGPT

Edit your Powerpoint

Prompt to Try

Implement the 4-Hour Workweek to delegate, automate, eliminate so you can gain freedom in your business. Source: Forbes (Jodie Cook)

Within my business I believe there are tasks I could delegate, automate and eliminate. 

Given that our revenue goal is [describe your revenue goal] and the activities that contribute towards this are [outline what contributes towards making sales], of which I am personally responsible for [say which you do yourself], can you identify tasks that could be delegated, automated or eliminated? 

For each one, say why, outline the next steps and explain how much time it could save


  1. Flowise AI - A user-friendly interface to create your own customized LLM flow easily.

  2. Eightify - Get key ideas on long videos instantly

  3. Google Lens - allows you to identify objects, landmarks, and text through your device's camera, making it easy to obtain information and perform actions instantly.


This is a NEW segment to showcase cool things you guys are creating in AI!

This week our Future AI Lab member, Marc Fasel showed us this cool AI tool they’ve been working on called Savvy. When he showed me the video demo, I was honestly blown away! I had to share this with you guys 😛 

You can literally bring your own “AI sales expert” to a LIVE Zoom meeting with a client. Who can instantly:

  • Be called upon to answer questions on your behalf

  • Answer technical or product information about your business

  • Eliminate “I’ll get back to you on that question”

Want to share your cool AI, automation, interesting info with Future AI Lab Community? Let us know here!


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