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BEST + FREE Automation ChatBot! via Zapier Central

Jailbreak AI by Nagging

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  • 🤖 Baking With Bots (Tutorials) - Best FREE Automation Chatbot!

  • 🍟 AI Snacks - Amazon AI is actually 1000 Indian workers

  • 💻 Prompt To Try - Jailbreak AI by nagging it

  • 🛠️ 3 Taste Test Tools

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Zapier Central - FREE Automation ChatBot

I’m so excited to share this with you guys! Zapier Central released a new FREE chatbot that ACTUALLY works & I set this up in 10min 😱

Since the launch of AI Chatbots, I’ve honestly been super underwhelmed.

It’s why I haven’t really spoken about it because it had a-lot of limitations like:

  1. Glitchy - Doesn’t always respond properly, wrong answers etc

  2. Hard to set up - If you want a proper automation, it’s quite technical. “Actions” in ChatGPT was a nightmare to set up & it didn’t even work

  3. Not Dynamic - While you can upload your company “Knowledge base” for the AI Chatbot to learn your data, it is not dynamic. This means if your documents/files are updated you need to re-upload those files. For a business (even a small one like mine, we’re updating docs everyday!). It wouldn’t be practical to keep re-uploading docs.

Here’s the beauty of Zapier Central:

  1. It works (that’s it, it just works)😌

  2. Easy to set up

  3. It’s Dynamic - any change you make to Gsheets, Docs, Airtable,Notion is also updated in your chatbot

But wait, there’s more.

Not only can you easily set up automations inside your chatbot but you can connect it to 6000+ other apps with some crazy workflows!

How it works:

The chatbot I created below allows me to ask it to fetch an affiliate link from my spreadsheet (what I taught in previous editions).

But now it also works in reverse where I can actually input new data into my spreadsheet! Automation + Dynamic!

Task added via Zapier Chatbot

And it actually worked!

Zapier Chatbot adds new info into spreadsheet

Simple Zapier Central Tutorial

  1. Go to Zapier Central

  2. Click “Create Behaviour” & give it instructions

  3. In the same box below “Add Trigger” for eg. “Everytime I message bot”

  4. In the same box “Add Action” for eg. “Add new row to GSheet”

  5. Click “Test Behaviour” on top right + turn it on

  6. Go back to chat interface & click “Add Data Source” & connect it with your files (GDrive, Notion, Airtable etc)

This has been the best Chatbot set up to date (not the easiest but for the amount of automation, simple & packed with features), this has got to take the cake for AI Chatbots.

It’s also FREE (for the moment anyway). Play around with it while you can 😛 

If you want to go deeper into tutorials like these, I will be launching an AI Automation with Zapier Course with workflow templates very soon!

If you want in, join the waitlist here for the early birds!

This course will be offered FREE for all those who are in our membership.

🍿AI Snacks

🥧 Amazon “AI” is really 1000 workers from India watching you shop

🍭 You can now edit images inside ChatGPT

🍩 Apple's ReALM could see & interpret context from on-screen content

🥐 Microsoft splitting Teams from Office bundle followed by Slack’s complaint

🍔 Use ChatGPT (free version) without login anytime

🥨 Microsoft 365 Copilot gets the latest GPT-4 Turbo without daily limits

Prompt You Must Try - Jailbreak by Nagging

You heard me. Secret to getting AI to tell you what you want? Nag it!

Instead of asking it 1 time “How to hijack a car”, ask it 99 less harmful questions and THEN ask it to answer your actual question.

The Anthropic researchers see that the AI actually answers the question!

This is called “Many Shot Jailbreaking” where you wear it down 🤣

Now don’t go and do anything dangerous with this, I’m just tell you about it 🙂 


  1. Scenario - Generate unique and style-consistent characters

  2. Suno AI - Make a song about anything in seconds.

  3. Smry - Secret way to bypass paywalls & ads while getting AI summary


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