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Apple killed multiple AI start ups

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🍿AI Snacks

🍩 Musk to ban Apple devices in his companies due to “security risk”

🥨 China’s Kling AI Text to Video, surpassing Sora with quality & length

🍤 Elon Musk drops his lawsuit against OpenAI & Sam Altman

🍘 Mistral AI raised $640 Million in funding

🍬 Adobe confirms it will never own your data or use it for AI training

🍤 Student in Turkey arrested for using AI to cheat on a university exam

Apple Intelligence Everywhere

AI - now coined by Apple as “Apple Intelligence” at this week’s WWDC 2024 (can we take a moment to appreciate the cheeky marketing here ? 🙂 ).

Apple has been sitting at the back of the class when it came to AI (busy trying to build their own AI) but when the market leaders like ChatGPT are progressing at such a fast rate it’s hard to catch up.

Hence, why beat them when you can join them (for now!).

What does Apple + ChatGPT partnership mean?

AI built into your mobile

Integration of ChatGPT into iOS, iPadOS, & macOS (includes Siri). This means you can directly accomplish tasks on your phone instead of opening apps.

Here’s a summary of Apple’s new AI features:

Or my 2x speed TikTok summary here 🤪

  1. Writing tools inside your apps - Rewrite to adjust tones + proof reads

  2. Image creation - Genmoji (personalised emojis) + custom images

  3. Siri powered by AI - Like using ChatGPT but native on your mobile & has personal context across all your apps.

    Eg. Ask if you will be able to make your daughter’s concert with new rescheduled meeting sent via email (it will look at your calendar, the info on your daughter’s concert and calculate via maps how long you need to get there with live traffic)

  4. Take action across your apps (killed Humane & Rabbit) - Ask it to show photos of Stacey in New York wearing her pink coat

  5. Math notes (Star of the show) - handwrite math problems on iPad & it will instantly calculate and write the answer for you on screen!

The big question: Privacy

Apple has a strong reputation on protecting user privacy (for the most part) but partnering with OpenAI which hasn’t had the best image when it comes to privacy has raised some concerns. Ahem, Elon 🙂 

So here’s the jist:

  • Apple Intelligence AI features will be an “Opt in” so you can choose to use it instead of being forced to disable it

  • Most of the processing happens on the device itself without collecting or sending personal data to the cloud

  • When complex requests are needed, it will access the Private Cloud Compute. User data is never stored and leaves no trace after task is completed

  • When Siri thinks ChatGPT would be better at answering, it will ask for permission before sharing any information

When’s it coming?

Launches in the fall of 2024 to limited Apple devices (may be due to high compute requirements for AI usage):

  • iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max

  • All iPads and Macs with M1 chip or newer

Will you be using Apple Intelligence?

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Tutorial: Call an AI Friend

Skip the frantic googling and call your AI friend instead!

How it Works:
  1. Tap Widget to Dial

  2. Ask Away

  3. Get Instant Answers

How to enable:
  1. Download Arc Search app on your iPhone

  2. Customize your lock screen

  3. Add Widget, select Arc Search, & choose Call Arc

  4. Place the widget and done!


  1. Vellum - Convert GPT-4 prompts into Claude prompts seamlessly

  2. Luma AI - Text to Video like Sora but free & available now

  3. NotebookLM - AI-powered Notetaking app you can chat with


🎭 Memes of the week

Elon Elon Elon….😂


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