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A.I. Gold Rush has everyone trying to monetise but which one is the dead end?🚀

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👩‍💻The A.I. Trap

There is an A.I. Gold rush happening right now - every second person online is trying to create the next A.I. tool, sell 10000+ Chatgpt prompt that quite literally generic stuff generated by Chatgpt (how do I know? I bought alot LOL). Yet these guys are making lots of dough (kudos I must say!).

However it is not a long term play and not something that I would personally do.

This week, OpenAI launched Chatgpt on Apple IOS which meant it single handily wiped out many A.I. apps that were similiar to Chatgpt (it was just made more accessible on mobile but with Chatgpt now on iphones, there is no need for these apps).

At the rate of how fast A.I. is developing, I predict many tools will be made redundant due to these bigger players expanding on their functionality.

In just a few months there have been thousands of A.I. tools pop up with many doing similar things with many A.I. influencers showing hundreds of tools for people to use. I’m one of them with my website!

But after seeing your questions and comments you guys had eg. “what’s the best tool for xxx” or “how do I use it?”… I started to wonder, was my site really helping people?

I’m now convinced that having THE MOST A.I. Tools on my site is not the way to go. Here’s what your feedback was:

  • You guys said you wanted my “Top 5-10” tools for each category to help identify ONLY the best A.I. tools to use

  • Better filtering for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

  • Still have the 1000+ tools to search attached

  • Tutorials on how to use/install the tools

Thank you for the feedback - we will be implementing these changes to help you actually use A.I. to your advantage!

Now, you may not know this but I literally spend hours if not days test driving tools just so I can figure out best use cases for businesses/corporates like yourself - and then I try to squeeze it into a 60 sec video!

I realise this may be abit too fast for some of you and screenshotting things may not be always idea. So I’ve started create mini tutorials for you (keep scrolling).

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Key Takeaways

  • The person who learns how to use A.I. specific to their work will win over someone who is trying to learn 100+ A.I. tools.

  • Focus on 2-5 core A.I. tools that can do majority of your work and really do a deep dive. Make sure the tools you choose are good quality. Eg. I bought so many A.I. copywriting tools but I always come back to Chatgpt because it’s seriously so versatile (this may change).

  • If you’re building any sort of A.I. tool/feature in your business, ask whether someone else could do exactly the same thing given the open source nature + API access these days. Say you’re creating a Chatbot using your own internal data - this would be valuable to serve your clients because only you have this data. Whereas if you’re just creating a chatbot that is the same as Chatgpt on your website with a few generic prompts, this is just novelty.

  • Love this example by Chamath Palihapitiya (saying it in my own words): “Who made the most money when refrigeration was first invented? Yes of course, the inventor made some but Coca cola made a butt load because they used refrigeration (as a tool) to accelerate/expand across the whole world. Think about it from an A.I. perspective and the fridge = OpenAI. The business that leverages off these tools to expand their business will win. Perhaps the “Coca Cola” business is yet to come. Maybe it will be you 😉 

📰 Latest AI News and Developments:

1/ Bill Gates predicting that AI assistants will soon render search engines like Google Search obsolete. Gates believes AI assistants will be able to "read the stuff you don't have time to read," allowing users to access information without having to use a search engine - and that companies like Microsoft could soon be the defacto AI-powered landing page of the internet. He gives it a 50-50 chance for the winner of the AI wars to be either a startup or tech giant. Will Microsoft be able to dethrone Google and Amazon? We'll have to wait and see.

2/ ChatGPT launched on iPhone App (US only) so now you can access it on the go + by speaking to it. But while Apple is very big on protecting privacy of its users, the actual information entered into Chatgpt may be used for training. So avoid putting confidential information. Make sure you download it straight from the app as there are many scam/copy cat apps!

3/ Microsoft announces CoPilot in Windows that allow users to get tasks done that works off a side panel (think of it as your side kick).

4/ DragGan an image manipulation tool has stolen the spotlight this week where you can reshape/alter any image simply by moving your mouse. This is still in experimental phase by a cool glimpse of what to come!

A.I. Tutorial - ChatGPT Plugin (Automation)

This week I experimented with Chatgpt Plugins! It should be rolled out to most countries by now for all Chatgpt plus users.

I had to try “Zapier” + “Show me” to create automations for my business. It was pretty cool! I described my situation, asked it to give me suggestions on where I should automate, told it to create the automation and draw a mind map so I could visually see the whole workflow! It ACTUALLY create the zap for me so guys and gals who always struggled with Zapier, this one is for you!

If you want to try this for yourself, I create a self guided tutorial for you here!

👩‍💻 ChatGPT Prompt to try

I’m learning to apply this rule in my daily life to be more productive. Use this prompt to help you learn faster. You can even add book titles in there instead of the subject (just an idea 🙂 )

I want to learn about [SUBJECT/TOPIC]. Identify and share the most important 20% of learnings from this topic that will help me understand 80% of it.

🤖 Cool A.I. Tools

  1. Perplexity AI - Similiar to Chatgpt but more interactive, supports voice to text, gives you suggestions to expand conversations and allows you to choose the sources your answers come from

  2. MusicLM - a new experimental AI tool by Google that can turn your text descriptions into music. Just type in a prompt like “soulful jazz for a dinner party” and MusicLM will create two versions of the song for you.

    Here are some examples.

  3. Taskade AI (All in one) - AI generate tasks based on your project + Automate workflows, chat/video call your team, create mind maps and keep your notes/docs in one app!

Here’s something interesting we saw this week!

Elon Musk building Robot Wife - A.I. is not only is it replacing work but spouses too 😛 Just kidding. This was a fake A.I. generated image hehe

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