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AI Spreadsheets in ChatGPT

Last year I mentioned that you can export spreadsheets out of ChatGPT.

I thought that was really cool but honestly forgot about this until we were trying to find a custom solution for a client. Did we all forget about this?

This was one of the many challenges:

  • They wanted to bulk change an excel spreadsheet that was full of inconsistencies

Below is an exaggerated example but don’t laugh because I’ve seen some ridiculous ones before 😛 . As you can see there are missing numbers, format is all messed up with currencies and “$” randomly places as well as date formatting.

Here were some options we considered:

  1. Python - But we’re not coders or super techy

  2. Online converter - But it had to be manually done one by one

  3. GPT Sheets (or similiar) - Having OpenAI inside your spreadsheet so it automatically updates. While it is good it requires API

  4. Using Google AppScript - Free and works within Google Sheets but takes time to set up

Then we remembered ChatGPT could export answered in Excel files. So we tested it out and it worked brilliantly in 2 steps!


  1. Upload your spreadsheet & ask it to: “Analyse this spreadsheet, it’s full of inconsistencies. Please fix it”

ChatGPT will work through your file and clean it all up for you!

  1. Download the Clean Excel File!

Here’s the end result.

As you can see it has cleaned up all the random formats (currency, quantities and dates). You can keep prompting to adjust the output but the fact that is just did everything AND allows you to export in Excel file is beautiful!

Note: You can’t upload or download excel files on Claude, Bard or Perplexity.

Have you used ChatGPT to export Excel files?

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🍿AI Snacks

🥧 Gemini 1.5 Pro is now open for preview (see below for practical use cases)

🍭 Texas swaps human graders for AI, saving $15-20 million per year

🍩 Google announced 'Vids' for script writing, storyboard creation & more

🥐 Elevenlabs & Pika Labs collaborate for an AI-generated film competition

🍔 Meta plans to implement labels on AI-generated content

Gemini 1.5 Pro Use cases

Gemini 1.5 Pro can now understand audio + crazy amount of file uploads!

It can handle up to 1 million tokens which is the equivalent to:

  • ~700,000 words

  • 30,000+ lines of code

  • 11 hours of audio

  • 1 hour of video

Check out all the practical use cases below (currently in public preview):

Prompt You Must Try - Customised Linkedin

Before creating LinkedIn posts, you need to know what information your potential customers are interested in. Find where your audience is and tailor your message to fit perfectly.

Use and edit the prompt below:

As an experienced marketer, your task is to help clients identify their target market. Utilize a creative and analytical approach that merges marketing expertise with insightful questioning to fully understand the client's business niche. 

Define SECTOR as [describe the ideal customer] and IDEAL CLIENT as [insert target market]. 

Create a table using SECTOR and IDEAL CLIENT, with five entries in each category: Y-Axis = 1-5, X-Axis = objectives, pain points, challenges, and objections, all presented in the style of the target audience. 

Ensure your work is original, professional, and informative. Avoid using the terms "deep dive" and "landscape." 

This table will highlight the top five goals and challenges of your audience. Always write in {British English} 

Midjourney Prompt

Thought this was a clever + creative way to market a supplement product! via Salmaaboukarr using Midjourney (prompt below).

The image shows a capsule that is half real raspberries and half a transparent capsule filled with a brown substance, which could likely be a powdered form of the raspberries. This represents a dietary supplement or nutraceutical, which people use for its potential health benefits, such as antioxidant properties. The visual metaphor here is designed to illustrate the idea of harnessing the natural essence of blueberries in a convenient form for consumption


  1. Playground - Imagine Canva AI & Photoshop in just one single app

  2. Viggle - Advanced 3D animation tool that understands physics

  3. Uldio - An AI-powered app for music creation through text prompts


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