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  • A.I. Side Hustle to make $$$ - 53% of you voted for this!

A.I. Side Hustle to make $$$ - 53% of you voted for this!

How to make money with A.I. and use it as leverage🚀

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The AI and tech world is moving fast. Don't worry; we will keep up with it so you don't have to!

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👩‍💻A.I. Side Hustles Won!

Last week I asked you guys what do you want to see more of. Here were the results! A.I. Side Hustle won by a whopping 53% followed by Chatgpt Prompt Ideas.

Well I guess I can’t say no now hey? 😛 

Now before I get into ways you can make money with A.I., please note that it may sound simple but it may not be “easy” as the “gurus” make it sound. Always keep in mind when people (including me) say “you could make $1000/day”, that is literally what it means. It doesn’t mean they have actually made that $$$ 🙂 Nonetheless I will aim to give you pros/cons you should consider. Let’s get into it:

  1. Freelancing

  2. Selling digital products/templates

  3. Affiliate Marketing

  4. Brand Sponsorships

  5. A.I. Consulting

  6. Building A.I. Saas

Today I will go over Freelancing as I think this is:

  • One of the lowest barriers to entry for a beginner

  • $0 to low start up costs (Chatgpt is free)

  • You can start it today

  • Can be reoccurring revenue depending on the service

The best leverage you have right now is that not everyone is using A.I. or Chatgpt. This means you can produce a higher volume of output compared to other freelancers who aren’t using it yet. Below are some examples and some tools you could use to offer these services or you can check out my website for more A.I. tool ideas.

You could offer services like:

  • Social media marketing (Chatgpt + Canva) - $500-1000+/mo

  • Copywriting/Content Writing (Chatgpt) - $30-200/pc

  • Transcribing (eg. Riverside.FM, Descript etc) - $8-120/ transcription

  • Logo creator (eg. Brandmark.io) - $30-200/pc

Things you should consider:

  • Aim to choose a skill/service that you are better at (think about whether you tend to gravitate towards marketing vs copywriting). It is easier to start when you have some idea vs none at all.

  • You will need to account for time spent communicating with clients

  • Make sure to check the work produced by A.I. as sometimes it can hallucinate.

  • The most important one: learn how to use A.I. to speed up the process while also producing good quality services! That’s what I teach here in my newsletters 🙂 

Disclaimer: The content provided herein is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended as, nor should it be construed as, financial, legal, tax, investment, or other professional advice. You should consult a professional advisor before making any decisions or taking any actions based on the information provided.

📰 Latest AI News and Developments:

1/ A.I. poses human extinction risk on par with nuclear war, Sam Altman and other tech leaders warn. Yes! The dude who cofounded OpenAI (ChatGPT). Altman worries authoritarian governments would develop the technology which could easily sway users of A.I to believe something that may be bias or untrue. Some are sceptical thinking this is just fear mongering. But think about it this way, currently AI can whip up a pretty convincing answer even though it was completely made up or what about deepfake images/videos of politicians. The influence on what society and governments on what is true or bias plays a big role in the safety of world. As we start to rely on A.I. more, it can become harder to distinguish what’s the truth. It happens even today as the masses believe the “truth” only comes from tv news & media (which if you control the news, you control the narrative and history). Some food for thought. 🙂 

2/ A.I. Powered Gaming is getting insane, NVIDIA’s chief Jensen Huang gave us a glimpse of the future of gaming. He showed a new A.I. technology that can create game characters with realistic computer-based intelligence. This means you can talk to characters and every response would be different to another player.

3/ Software providers will be the next to ride the artificial intelligence wave, after we saw NVIDIA suddenly become the most valuable company in the world this week (incase you missed it, NVIDIA makes the chips that train AI programs like Chatgpt). Cathie Wood, CEO and founder of Ark Investment Management LLC, is betting on software stocks such as UiPath Inc., Twilio Inc. “For every dollar of hardware that Nvidia sells, software providers, SaaS providers will generate 8 dollars in revenue”, says Wood. She also believes the global autonomous taxi platform will reach $10 trillion in revenue by 2038 (by that she means Tesla).

A.I. Tutorial - News Article to Instagram (Automation)

This week I experimented with trying to automate the process of turning a news article into an Instagram post! The tools we used : Zapier, Feedly, Instagram.

How this works is:

  1. Every time you read an interesting article (we use Feedly to curate all the news articles), bookmark it. This will trigger a zap (via Zapier)

  2. The news article will be read by Chatgpt (OpenAI) and it will summarise

  3. The summary is then converted into an Instagram caption

  4. OpenAI will turn this caption into an image prompt

  5. The image prompt is sent to Dalle to create an image

  6. Image and Caption is posted to Instagram

The ONLY thing you do is manually bookmark the article you like and the automation takes care of the rest 🙂 

Here’s the result of the Instagram post based on this news article:

Am I happy with it? Not completely. I would have preferred Midjourney’s quality when it comes to images as they are absolutely next level but for it to automatically generate an image all via automation, that’s pretty cool!

Here’s what the step by step process looks like below and here’s the step by step tutorial and the exact Zap you can plug and play. Enjoy!

👩‍💻 ChatGPT Prompt to try

This is a cool hack if you wanted to analyse your social media account (by literally pasting your social media URL) and create similar videos without needing to give it much context or multiple prompts.

For this you will need Chatgpt (Web browsing - available for plus users $20/mo).

Let’s say you want it to analyse your social media account, find the best performing videos and create another post in a similar way to your previous posts. Try this prompt.

Analyse my videos on [www.tiktok.com/@yourbrand]

Using my tone of voice, my likeness and style, write a 60 second tiktok script about [topic] and how this can help my target audience with their biggest problems. Make sure it is not cliche and actually adds value, speaks to their problems. Don't make it sound like an ad. Opening line should be straight to the point, cut the fluff and make it a powerful hook. Don't start with "hey there"

(I had to tweak it a few times hence the mish mash of words towards the end but it works!).

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