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90% Staff fired, replaced with AI chatbot

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CEO Fires 90% of Customer Support Staff, Replaces with AI Chatbot

CEO at Dukaan fired 90% of customer support staff after rolling out an AI chatbot that sliced response times by 98% and costs by 85%. Dukaan's CEO says AI will complement, not replace, human employees in areas like engineering, sales and marketing roles.

(Coincidentally, check out our free A.I. Automation tutorial for customer enquiries below - I may make this paid tutorial one day😂)

ChatGPT’s $410 Bil Competitor, Anthropic’s Claude 2

was just released to public today and it’s pretty impressive! Here’s why:

  • It’s free

  • Similar to ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter paid tool (Claude 2 is free) where you can upload multiple PDF, CSV and TXT files.

  • 2 x as good at giving “harmless responses”

  • Longer memory

  • Significant improvements on coding, math, and reasoning compared to their previous models

  • Better at explaining and conversing with

Here’s my thoughts after testing:

  • This is actually the best model I’ve seen for creative content generation. I feel it understands the context like it’s already been trained to be an expert in the field. Unlike ChatGPT where you have to “layer” many prompts in to train it to understand your situation. Claude 2 just seems to get it.

  • This leads to next point, you don’t need to be too much of a “prompt engineer” to use it. Check out my super simple prompt example towards the end.

  • I asked it to analyse a contract and my golly it not only gave me clauses I should be wary of but also what the terms should typically look like for an influencer and very specific advice on how to negotiate. I don’t know if a standard lawyer would understand specific industries like this.

Note: available only for beta users in US and UK and its API
Check out Claude 2 now ↗

15 Unique things you didn’t know ChatGPT Code Interpreter can do!

ChatGPT’s Code interpreter was released this week (slowly rolling out) & people like @Saboo_Shubham_ are finding some cool ways to use it! Apart from being able to:

  • Upload Excel spreadsheets and have it understand + analyse a massive load of data while also drawing tables and graphs (see video here)😱Not to mention cleaning your data and giving you insights and things to be wary of?! Honestly it picked up on so a few crucial things my accountant didn’t notice which is scary.

  • Export cleaned data into excel so you can work on it!

  • Upload PDF & ask it questions about your contracts, proposals etc

I bet you didn’t know it could:

  1. Generate website from data

  2. Video editing (convert GIF into longer video with slow zoom)

  3. Turn images into videos

  4. Turn your images into text (great for capturing invoice details)

  5. Generate QR code (for your website)

  6. Generate animated GIF

  7. Create interactive visualisations from data (“GIF map of all lighthouse locations where map is dark but each lighthouse twinkles”)

  8. Convert SATATA files to Python

  9. Create visualizations in any style

  10. Extract colours from an image to create a palette.png

  11. Analyse 300hrs of spotify data


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Meta’s new Threads growth faster than ChatGPT

Out of nowhere, Meta released Threads (Twitter rival) which crossed 1 mil signups within 1 hour, faster than ChatGPT’s 5 days!

While Twitter hasn’t had a great standing with its users of late, Meta’s effortless move has gained the support of many pitching itself as the “friendly” option for public discussion online.

Why this also could work is Threads is tied to the user’s Instagram account so their identity and sense of community is tied together whereas over at Twitter, the association with trolls, bots and online abuse hasn’t served them well.


I’ll bet this would be an automation people would pay for so check it out before I change my mind lol 😛

I’ll show you how AI can automatically generate custom responses to your customer enquiries all in one place without touching your inbox!

Why this is cool:

  • Have enquiries all in one place without having to track emails

  • Custom responses for each enquiry

  • Don’t need to touch your inbox

  • Allows you to check reply before sending

  • Save alot of time when dealing with various types of emails

  • Respond faster to customers

How it works:

  • Instead of enquiries going to your inbox it, OpenAI (Chatgpt) will automatically generate a reply based on your company information using Zapier.

  • All the draft responses will be collected in one place for you to review (Airtable) and once you’re happy with it, with a click of a button you can send multiple CUSTOM replies.

Works best if you have a list of most common questions to put into the prompt.

Here’s full the tutorial.

Claude 2 Prompt to try

Ok. This is like the first time ever I’m asking you to try something other than ChatGPT. That is because I legit think it’s really cool at creative writing. The prompt is super generic but I bet you’ll be surprised by it. Claude 2 can be accessed here (US + UK users only).

This is my example.

I am doing a tiktok video for [your product]. write 10 marketing angles I can use that would be attention grabbing.


  1. PhantomBuster - scrapes leads on websites

  2. Hoppy Copy - create and edit email copywriting quickly

  3. Stellar - swiftly create and deploy chatbots, optimizing customer service


🚀 How I can help you

Here are 3 ways I can help you:

1. Train ChatGPT to be your Brand Marketer! Grab it here.

Generate UNLIMITED supply of content ideas, craft your unique brand voice, create a marketing strategy and generate captivating video hooks/scripts tailored to your industry - All using my custom Plug and Play Chatgpt Prompts.

2. Advertise with us (13,000+ Email, 360k+ Social media) Book here!

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