AI Bubble Set to Burst in 2024

$700,000/day to run ChatGPT with chip shortages

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“Overhyped AI” set to burst in 2024

A year after ChatGPT's launch sparked an AI gold rush, the frenzy may soon face a reality check.

The dust has somewhat settled and analysts from CCS Insight have predicted a “cold shower” in 2024” for Generative AI.

Here’s why:

  • Running costs of Generative AI models like ChatGPT, Claude & Bard require hug amounts of computing power. Eg, ChatGPT costs $700,000/day to run.

  • Big tech like OpenAI, Google or Meta can absorb these high costs but for smaller developers will be too expensive to keep operating.

  • There’s an overwhelming number of AI tools that may just be a replica of just ONE of the features of say ChatGPT or Google’s Bard. This is not enough to compete with the big tech firms.

What’s the landscape look like now?

  • Previously companies relied on Nvidia for chips to run AI applications. This resulted in chip shortages around the world.

  • Now, more companies like OpenAI, Google, Amazon, Meta & Alibaba are building their own chips to cope with the shortage

  • Once again, big tech are able to sustain this marathon with their deep pockets and resources. Smaller startups may struggle to keep up with many expected to be wiped out.

Build AI Apps Without Code

Imagine creating custom AI apps without writing any code. With YouAI's MindStudio, it's now a reality!

  • Connect to GPT, Claude, or PaLM

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🍿AI Snacks

🍭 Tech giants rush to develop the next “iPhone” but this time, an AI device

🍕 Google Assistant to integrate with AI powered Bard & Google Apps like Gmail, Drive, Maps to give better answers

🍩 Adobe’s new AI Photo Editing Tool, Stardust automatically identifies & selects objects in photos for quick intuitive edits

🍟 Adobe tackles AI image transparency with new icon

🍰 Google Chrome may soon get new AI powered Organize Tabs feature

🍧 Andreessen Horowitz may invest in Ideogram- valuation of $500 million

🍫 Saudi Arabia & China collaborate to develop an AI chatbot, AceGPT

🍮 Swiss neurosurgery & AI help paralyzed cyclists walk again


Create Viral AI 90’s High School Year Book

Everyone on social media have been creating these AI 90’s High School Year book photos which anyone can do.

I will say the wait time was about 2hrs (even after paying $5-10 for it - the demand for these AI image apps is crazy if you’re able to hit a trend!).

If you wanted to try it here’s how (video tutorial here):

  1. Download the mobile app EPIK (not sponsored)

  2. Select the “AI Yearbook” option.

  3. Upload 8-12 selfies of yourself.

  4. Payment ($5 for 24hr wait, $10 for 2hr wait)

  5. Select “Create Yearbook Images” & “Process”

  6. Check back in your “AI Yearbook” to see your collection

ChatGPT Prompt - Problem-Solving

If you have a difficult business problem that you can’t solve or procrastinating, try this prompt:

[Describe your problem]. Act as a business consultant to provide me with a step-by-step solution to the problem above. An ideal outcome achieves [explain elements of a good solution]. Guide me through each actionable step with precise instructions to execute effectively. Ask for any information you think would be helpful to reach a resolution.


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  2. DocuWriter AI - Create docs & check code from source code files

  3. Neurons - AI predictive insights on best performing ads before launch


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