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  • 😱40% Workers to Reskill due to AI in next 3yrs

😱40% Workers to Reskill due to AI in next 3yrs

Google Meet AI goes to meetings for you!

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  • 🍪 Freshly Baked AI Updates - 1.4 billion workers to reskill due to AI

  • 🍟 AI Snacks - Google Meet AI goes to meetings FOR you

  • 🤖 Baking With Bots (Tutorials) - Fun AI Ad we created for our winner!

  • 🛠️ 3 Taste Test Tools

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40% Workers to Reskill due to AI in next 3yrs

According to an IBM study, 40% of workers will need to reskill in the next 3 yrs due to AI & automation implementation - that’s a whopping 1.4 billion of the 3.4 billion people in the global workforce!

Key takeaways:

  • Those who adopt AI are estimated to see a “36% higher revenue growth rate compared to their peers”

  • AI won't replace people—but people who use AI will replace people who don't

  • Adopting AI & automation frees up time for workers from doing manual repetitive tasks so they can focus on meaningful work

  • Consequently, employees said engaging, impactful work is most important beyond pay and security, with nearly 50% prioritizing their work over employer and even flexible work arrangements, a win-win!

Earlier this year, IBM CEO, was optimistic about Human-AI collaboration however later froze hiring for thousands of back office jobs & predicted AI would take over up to 50% of rote jobs suggesting that AI could even do it better than humans.

IBM has also piled into a massive $235 million funding round for the $4.5 billion AI unicorn Hugging Face.

In another study by Hubspot, approx. 70-72% of professionals using AI in sales prospecting say their response rate was higher. How’s that for effectiveness!

Hubspot (APAC report) - based on Australia and Singapore respectively

Should we be worried about AI taking over jobs?

  • It would be naïve to think certain manual jobs won’t be replaced by AI. However let’s not forget AI developments also makes way for new jobs which are yet to be created

  • Think of it this way, prior to social media, there were no social media marketers, Facebook ads managers, short form video editors and the same with Google with SEO agencies and content bloggers. This will happen with AI.

  • With a shrinking workforce due to declining working age population, AI could play an important role in economic productivity

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🍿AI Snacks

🍭 Google Meet Duet AI goes to meetings for you & even asks questions

🍩 SynthID - Google’s Invisible Watermark Tool for AI-Generated Images

🍟 Zoom rebrands to include AI companion to take notes during meetings

🍰 Google rolls out generative AI (SGE) experience in India and Japan

🍧 OpenAI wants to launch ChatGPT as a tool for schools

🧋 Microsoft has applied for a patent for a futuristic AI backpack.

🍫 OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, 1st to get an Indonesia Special Residency Permit


Canva Plugin for ChatGPT - Worth the hype?

Canva Plugin for ChatGPT Plus users launched this week and I was going to do a tutorial but after testing it out, it honestly wasn’t worth the hype.

I thought it could generate custom social media posts and while it shows images inside of ChatGPT, it didn’t customise anything. It just showed existing templates you can search for in Canva already.

I’ll save you the effort and show you in this Tiktok.

Ideogram AI Images - Worth the hype!

For the first time ever, an AI Image generator called Ideogram can actually:

  • Generate text! (Midjourney & others cannot yet)

  • Pretty high quality images (compared to Dalle, Bing, Stable diffusion)

  • Easy and so simple to use (no discord)

  • Do all this for free!

Seriously….try it out, you will thank me later 😛 My quick demo here.

We used this in a fun AI Advert (next section).

Fun AI Ad - We created for our winner!

In our previous newsletter, we asked you guys to submit your business products and we would choose 1 lucky winner to create a fun AI Ad for! Thank you to everyone who entered 🙂 It was a tough one guys…Well drumroll…

The winner was Belle Fever, an online jewellery store! Check out the ad here!

Here are all the tools we used to create this AI ad:

  1. Bing (Free) - Pasted product page URL & asked what the product was

  2. Claude - Pasted Bing’s answer & asked it to come up with potential customers for this product, the pain points & 5 tiktok hooks based on all the information. I chose 1 I liked & asked it to generate a tikok script

  3. ChatGPT (Free)- Pasted the tiktok script and asked it to generate a storyboard in table format with image prompts

  4. Ideogram (Free) - Pasted image prompts & generated initial image

  5. Adobe Firefly (Free)- Took image from Ideogram & adjusted the faces to make it looks somewhat consistent with the whole ad. Not perfect but more consistent

  6. Eleven Labs (Free trial)- Voice over audio

  7. Canva (paid) & Capcut (Free)- Combined images to make video, added voice over & captions

What did you think of our AI Ad?🙈

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Prompt to Try - Hybrid Strategy

Did you know, you can customize your tone of voice by mixing different tones in adjustable percentages - this lets you tune the strength of each for your ideal style.

For example, you could combine 40% friendly, 30% professional, 20% concise, and 10% witty for a tone that is mostly warm but also clear and business like.

Playing with the tone percentages gives you flexibility to tailor your voice to your needs (above explanation written by claude.ai).

Enhance the given sentence by incorporating a predominantly friendly tone, complemented by a professional demeanour, a touch of with, and a dash of creativity, with the respective proportions of 50%, 20%, 10%, and 20%.


  1. ZipZap AI - Your personal AI assistant & knowledge encyclopedia

  2. Clipdrop - Many in 1 editing tools for creating visuals

  3. BotPress - Create Generative ChatGPT-like bots for your business


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